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It's fun and addicting but... Why do I randomly keep dying at the beginning of levels?! I die more like this now than any other way. I was on level 99 with full health and all of a sudden as soon as the shorb appears it says game over when nothing attacked me! If this gets fixed (because it happens A LOT) then I would give it 5 stars

Good game bad controls The controls are weird to me because every other game like this have the control pads the other way the moving pad on left right is fire so I'm just asking for a option to change the way the controls are other than that great game

Please fix I love this game, but the game won't load on my galaxy s3 anymore! If you fix it, I'll give a better rating.

Good game Good game once you get use to the controls, been playing this for hour's and still not bored!

I don't recognize this anymore This new update is awesome I don't even recognize it anymore! All I am waiting for now is the possible co-op that may be coming... Never going to uninstall this. Also make money a little easier to get... Other then that this game is the best! Still 5. *edit* Just noticed this, but my boosters are moving up they are mid-screen now... Please fix the bug before I can't use them anymore. *another edit* no need for a new update, all you need to do is close the game it is only a temporary fix... They still move up... thanks for replying to the review, and the new control system is amazing, just have to get used to it. *edit* Like before really like the game, but why the zero shorb? To make us feel bad? Not to mention "strange", that's worse the the chaos spawn on a hard color orb... Still love the game and the developers, most don't read reviews, you read AND reply! Wish I could give more then 5 stars, also I will report bugs or glitches when I see them. Mini tester because I love this game so much... :-) Reply lorb paradise found, as well as the star, spartan, and zero shorb, found the cannon, gravity black hole, and one, out of space on the review, need new way :-(.

Crashes on start-up It looks like an awesome game, but my Samsung Galaxy S3 can't seem to play it. Multiple updates, yet the problem persists; crashes on start-up. *edit*: Submit a report? By email? Sure can. I always forget that option exists. I didn't want to give a negative rating since I hadn't had the chance to play. Wish I could just remove my rating; improved it for good PR.

I actually like it... There need to be some changes like.... The CONTROLS... They suck... Everything else... Good job ;)

BEST GAME EVA This is my favorite game besides mcpe i luv it so much y u haterz hatin on a good game full of random lazerz and weapons thnx fore makin da game polygon attractions

Love this!! Looking forward to playing this a LOT. Learn how to use the coloured circles to refill your life meter and get weapons. This game is getting better the more I play it <3 Xperia Z3

Addictive! I love this game!! I have several good games, but this seems to be the one I play most!

Pretty good It's really fun and sometimes it gets more and more tricky. Try it, recommended....

Cool Just wanted to say I love this game and it's a big hit in my family. We all play and compete each other!!

Can't stop playing! This game is really addictive try it and you wont stop playing till finishing!!!

Crashes on start-up It looks like an awesome game, but my Samsung Galaxy S3 can't seem to play it. *edit* I see that the developer replied to my comment but I seem to have accidentally deleted it when attempting to view it... I didn't get to read it. Sorry about that.

Best game ever Best game ever. looks great, play it once ull never stop its so fun and addicting.

Wonderful game This is really a great game with amazing graphics and addicting concept. Love it so much.

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