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Please sort out your OTP verification as even on multiple phones I never receive those important digits for me to continue... 5 star

I like shopee,, but after I update it,,, no free post if u buy rm30 and above... I'm very dissapointing .... Superb!

overall was good,but the track number cant be copy from the have to manually type would be nice if we can copy the track number from the app Worth a go!

Klu tentang harga semua ok.. Cuma dr penjual yg selalu lambat sngat utk mmpos brg... Kata 3 hri masa bkje.. Smua xbnr... love it

make searching on apps, no use n nothing show. it juz show main. not like Lazada, Lazada can show anything what u type on searching. Well done!!

Great service by shopee team Really best service ever i seen by the shopee customer service team, thank you so much. My shopee account was limit/suspended until now, with a wrong reason, but from shopee team tell will release my account as soon Hope a good service from shopee, i really loved to online shopping in shoppe and hope release my account from limit/suspend as fast as possible thank you so much. Good

The search of products should be upgraded. I found the product i want to buy but search through apps is very hard. I try to search by name of the product or by seller name, but cant find it. Pls work on this part. And how come the product selection display less compare to webpage? Well done!!

Naik taraf kan pertanyaan penjual,jangan bagi pelanggan menunggu lama reply chat dari penjual..sentiasa dilayan dari penjual..kalau buat auto chat pun kira oky la,ni ada penjual tak buat,2 week baru reply apa la..setakat ni memuaskan..apa yang dicari ada..harga oky la..tapi tingkat kan kualiti,dari pembukusan,dan kualiti barang.. Worth it!

Love the apps , make it easier way to shopping with cheaper price and trusted apps and dealer Works perfectly

I would like to give 5stars but the more u guys update this app... the more this app slow responding... my connection is 4glte but this app loading like snail...please improve Just wow

Surf it from any browser or download this application to use it? Everytime the developer updates their products it will consume the ram. Which one is better? Great!

Hi ,im interested in this 1 product and i wanted to buy it with 5 different colour but it can only make me take 1 colour, I can't take it multiple, if not i have to pay the shipping price each of the product ,even though it from the same owner, as example, i want to buy 5 product then i have to pay 5 times shipping price... Could you help me fix it? Awesome

Just want to ask the developer. The picture cannot load on my OPPO A57 now? Anything I need to do? Fabulous!

I give 5 star because i didnt have problems before uninstalled.i reinstalled the apps but i cannot login when i use mobile phone.i can only login using browser on laptop.please repairrr Not bad

It always has problem loading and the language select always popout and cannot be close. Please fix this. Cannot view anything because of the language option Well done!!

Not showing me notifications for new messages or anything at all. As a seller, every second counts. It has occurred many times where I did not receive a notification in the app when a new message from a customer comes in. Not only does it affects the statistics of my reply time, it also affects my sales as the customer could have gone elsewhere to buy as I took too long to reply. The app has notifications allowed on my phone and other apps are working fine. Fix this please. Thank you. Surprisingly

I love shop with this apps but the waiting time for the order delivery is too long. One more thing, recently everytime I want to purchase or like any item.. its not working. "An error occur" and "server problem". Its really troublesome. I cannot make any purchase. Please fix it or I will uninstall this apps. Fabulous!

im sorry but im giving this 1 star as it run very2 slow even though im using 4g..please fix this asap developer.. Flawless

Hi is it no more free shipping?in my checkout it has rm5.04 poslaju eventhough purchases over rm30.... Superb!

Is there's something wrong with this app...because i can't will say server error...I use maybank2u.. This my second time buy things here .. Good

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