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Need a new update so ads dont make me completely close the game. Ads freeze and its very annoying Pretty good

I like this game the only problem I have is when you are playing arcade more and accidently hit new game there is no confirmation screen asking if you are sure you want to restart. This has lead me to restart it going several times and can be extremely frustrating. Especially as some boards are very hard to get past only to have your progress erased wow lol

I think this a beautiful game but a little problem is ads can't get closed ( plz like me) wow lol

Recently certain apps just freeze up the game and even though you get a level you end up playing it over and over it doesn't advance Perfect

I have played this game for over a year but have deleted it a few times due to minimal reasons. I re downloaded it and have been playing and I can't see what level I am on for the life of me. It is bunched up on the left side of the screen. I swear sometimes it doesn't advance me to the next level after I have passed it. The MAIN reason of my complaint is the stupid advertisements that pop up and once you have seen it, there in the car right corner is a stupid plus circle, where the X should be to close it and continue your game. Well, the only freaking way to get out of it, is to close out your game completely by closing your opened window for this game. This, making you start the darn level again, after all the hard work!!! Works perfectly

Love the game. Addictive. But the latest update sucks. The timer ads freeze and causes me to have to restart all the time. Makes me use anoter bubble game app. Fix this please Omg

Feel that its an amazing brain relaxer helps to get you're mind off of a bad day or pass time in a weighting room Pretty good

Great game to pass time, but ads are horrible but no chance to buy it to get rid of ads. Have to reboot to get ad off screen sometimes. Brilliant

Plz yar dnt update m stil stuck in level 65 in arcade is der ny othr similar shoot bubble by u guyz?? 5 star

I really love this game! Very challenging. However, I have to give it 3 stars because of ads. I've beaten a level 3 times already, but because the ad pops up and doesn't close, I have to force close and start the game all over again. It is very frustrating and I'm considering letting the game go. This was by far, my favorite game. I just can't take the ads. Go well

Something intresting but as the levels pass it is difficult to play then I delete this game Omg

Some levels are extremely difficult and takes me a couple of days to get through. Others I get through on the first try. I enjoy both levels of difficulty. I only hope for another update to add more challenges. Some ads cause the game to freeze. Have to shut down and restart. Happening too frequently. Please fix. Superb!

Some ads won't close unless you close game. State farm ad in particular, makes me stop playing. Probably will have to find different app Omg

This is one great way to pass the time not only that but keeping your mind off of things that are too stressful Great job

I really love this app.. there are was here and there, but overall I really like it.. Omg

I love how it bounces off the walls and it is a really good game I think you should download it Worth it!

It keeps crashing. After I finish a level an ad pops up and won't go away. I have to close the app. When I reopen it the level I passed starts over... Perfect

The Zulilly and State Farm ads that pop up lock the game. You're required to close and restart. Just wow

The ads are spoiling this. The screen freezes and you have to come out and start again. I've had this game on now for ages, but I must admit I'm getting more anoyed with these are every time I go on. Please get it sorted, sooner rather than later Great job

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