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This game is great. It provides with very good pirate experience but one thing is missing. Add boarding in battles then this will be the best pirate game in android. Without boarding it always seems to be missing something very important. There is a problem. I cannot upgrade any buildings in Pirate Cove. It's quite irritating Recommend

Game is good. As a "pirate", we need give "her" name! And can dev make it to multiplayer? Like 1 vs 1 and/or 2 vs 2 with random players. Just suggestions Flawless

I love it and I think they should make an update such as you can kill king George the 3 and other people and then take there islands. Pretty good

Game play is great fun. Graphics are outstanding. The sad part is the videos stop working and don't slow you to up your loot, open chests or even get extra chests when fighting other ships. Major flaw. Cool

One of the best game I've ever play in 2018.It is well made and the controller are every smooth and the graphics are cool,I hope this game makes bigger and more updates.Everyone see this massage you should try this game it is fun and most of all you can play offline that is I really like this game and that it. Awesome

After all its getting boring in game, and trading system poorly not making any money at all Just wow

Hello developers where can we get the skins of the ship ? If there is ? Is it on the legendary boxes or in the treasure box in premium spin ? Please respond is there even a skin ? I like the effects of wraith on my queen annes revenge Perfect

I love this game in every way but my game was reset....I load the game (it takes forever to load) and I get a popup for a brief moment saying something about it being unable to load and I'm back to the Well done!!

Well i love it thank you for developing this unique and addictive game i think you should the in game events like what was happening in that year. Flawless

Well, It's OK for everything but when I try to upgrade my Shipyard I have all of the materials but of course it says I have no materials so I can't play until it even works. Just wow

Good game but when are the rest of the governor quests going to open? Also it would be more engaging if they reset everything few days. I'm getting bored just sinking ships Enjoy it!

I love this game but there are some problem 1st why we can't make your team 2nd is why we can't walk on the land Recommend

It's a great game (one of the best from this type I've ever played - and belive me I played a few). However, since the last update I am experiencing some bugs: incorrect displaying of the ship's slots, can't make improvements for the ship's equipment or I make improvements for ship's equipment and it charge me but next time when I check the improvements wasn't saved etc. Am I the only one who's experiencing this issues? Could you check, please? Thank you and keep up the good work Not bad

this is a great game. nice graphics. easy controls. overral is just perfect. just the game needed for passing time and having fun. but sometimes it takes way too much time to load at the firt opening. fix that plz. Works great

This game is a perfect example of a pirate game. And I would give it 5 stars but there's only one problem, and it's a big one. Your enemies have friends, but you don't. You can face two or three ships your level, but you don't get one ship as backup. Gaining allies that help you in battle I believe would make for a pretty important update. And it's one I recommend Not bad

If you are not giving out gems during a free spin, just remove the options out of the board....The gem slot jumped to gold slot in split second (that's turning the wheel of fortune a 160 degrees) altering the results....I get your ads playing to get free spin, that's cool, this kind of tricks, not cool...... love it

Great game to play at work or at home to pass time very rewarding. Never get boring Recommend

Good game but trading makes no sence you carnt make a profit or loss. you buy at 200 and can only sell at 200???? Worth it!

Simply a gripping game with very dynamic elements, fast paced game play, and plenty of options to succeed and enjoy. Best game I've ever played on my cell. Superb!

Loved the game until it froze and won't come back I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice not sure what happened please fix Fabulous!

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