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Please remove hot videos from open front screen any one open shareit like father,friends,kids what they think . So please remove other wise I know what to do. If you want to show videos then show good videos which any one can watch .reply me on my another thing is that after adding many kinds features like videos, wallpaper ,etc your transfer speed becomes very low so improve it ,and you so many adds than other transfering app ,please take example from mine which launched snap share without ads.please make shareit like 2016 shareit Well done!!

I am a programmer And Android developer I like your app very much  Thanks my feedback is answered My previous feedback On Android 8 does not work  My mobile note8 android 8 And on Android 7, we have to turn the hotspot manually And for compter it's also difficult to send a file from compter to compter on win10 and win 8 please fix it as soon as possible Thanks My current feedback There is a problem with the pc version.In Windows 10,pc have trouble attaching the file from the pc to the pc and the file will not be sent. Go well

Not even a search button for the animations section? I was watching a video then I clicked the home button as I was busy, then I returned to watch it, I found the "Continue watching" thing but suddenly an ad pops out and it vanished! How stupid is that?! Please stop putting ads out of nowhere! Worth a go!

Never rated anything in my life...this app obviously broke something in my soul - I'm oozing rainbows from every orifice. Don't ask any more questions; the answer is it Awesome

Please remove that video, sticker and new features it so annoying and some bad impression is given to the viewers. Irrelevant and abusive content is shown. Please give an option to not show that things. Shareit purpose was awesome without it. Please consider this in the development. Good

The best way to share stuff between mobiles. When some thing works hassel free, then it is worth five stars and nothing less Just wow

I downloaded an app from google play long back. Now when I want to download on another mobile I was not getting that app here , nor link. Than I realised Share it...that's it... Problem solved...Thanks developer Not bad

Soaluk you have received the Luxor hotel in London on Canada and again thank very much and I will send the Luxor and Aswan Egypt satirist and eww and again thank you for your time and again thank you very much appreciated and again thank you so much appreciated and we will send it to you very quick learner super smash Bros tube videos and again and have been in Enjoy it!

There is no doubt that this is the best app when it comes to easy file sharing. But, I would like to keep the app that way and not use it for anything else. It would be nice if the overall UI is kept minimal. I wouldn't need videos and other information be shown on the interface. You have other apps for them. Apart from this thing, I don't think there is anything to point at the app! Fabulous!

Its a good app but why so many ads and video now? I wish there was an option to at least turn off the videos feed. Now it kinds of lag in my phone. Great job

I like Shareit But!!! But Shareit is the #1 Lightweight app But!!!.My Some Big Stuff MB'S App Come's half I don't like this thing. IT Cause too much stress for me. Enjoy it!

I want to tell something how do I transfer big MB apps? Cause it always sends half of the MB required and says I have to download the resources needed please help... I also tried transferring the Data and Obb file of the app but still no work. BTW; I transfered "Dead Effect to my tablet and has a 380+ MB. Amazing!

Before your app was great. But now lot of Un necessary stuff which is already available on you tube. Now become heavy and irritating. I think share it is on high with success and not able to think about real uses. DIS OPPOINTED Worth it!

Guys I need help I am not able to connect to my PC ...even though PC and mobile is connected to the same network. Its telling me "u must connect PC and mobile to the same network" after trying using the qr code also..!! Pls tell what to do .? Perfect!

Share it is a fantastic Transfer file app among 2 android phones...its quicker...better and smarter..but the only problem is to connect to an IOS device...makes a draw back to it...apart from it..its the best sharing app! Superb!

I tried all the other apps that claimed to be capable of sending files over wifi... only this one could do it without needing to be connected to a network. Well done guys! Highly Recommend.

Problem is that after I upgraded my s8 to oreo, I need to open my location to receive a file. Prior to my oreo, when I'm using Nougat, i dont need to on my location. Well done!!

Really wonderful and very useful app ruined by the stupid ads that gets pushed in the notifications. Edit: I sent you the screenshots that you requited and blocked the notifications of SHAREit. Also I will give you 3 stars rating instead of one because I really love the app and it deserves 5 stars but the ads problem is annoying. The ads themselves are sometimes inappropriate or offensive. wow lol

Not happy with the app now most of time it doesn't connect and when it connects data not shared properly i am using oxygen 8.0 on one plus 3. The problem happens regularly on other phones to get connected and share. Great!

really worst app! sometimes it doesn't comnect..when it tries to connect the rocket never takes off n shows a message retry..80% of d time I had tried to share data it was unsuccessful..hate it!! Must have

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