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Kusum Had been using PCLink, but now its creating problems. Hence used Sharelink, which has served the purpose, yes it takes longer time than pclink. love it

Kafn8ed I've used many similar apps, None work anywhere near as well this one. Download this and your search is over Works great

Awesome! Geeeez I didn't realize it was such a process to move pictures from phone to computer anymore. This app is super easy. So grateful Works perfectly

Fast and easy! I had zenphone 6 for almost 2 years and never used this till now.. it was great and works easy with no manual! Muito bom!

Amazing Work perfectly and help me to transfer file to all smartphone in the world. Thank you Amazing!

Nice app Takes time to search the device but when connected we can send many files or images to our Pc. here this app is better than "Shareit" where we can only send 5 images to PC at a time. Awesome

Great app! I find it really easy and quick to use. It's nice not having to bother with cables. Just adds another reason to love my ZenFone 3. Brilliant

Testing with ASUS ROG G20 Testing this link now to sync my photos and videos, and so far looks good, but it should be also able to do it without USB connection wow lol

Excellent ! Its works without any problem. Really I appreciated to use this file transfer software.'share link' ..thanks.. Go well

It works!!!! I've been looking for a reliable app to transfer files between my Android and PC devices for a while now. I stumbled upon this one and found a gem! It's fast, reliable and simple to use. No complicated setup, no passwords to remember. It's everything I wanted in a transfer app..simplicity. Thanks for perfection! Perfect!

Good friend In my Android phone I fallen a problem about data transferring to my laptop. I tried several kinds of apps but they're not user-friendly and too much lazy type. I faced it since for a month but no one help me either. today I installed it and overcome my problems. Superb!

Great job Asus I usually don't use Asus apps as they are mostly bloatware, but this one is different. All I had to do is to install it on my Note 4 and my PC, and it took minimal effort to transfer hundreds of files at a time. It also has no ads, no registering, no annoying notification sounds like Airdroid has, and doesn't affect my wifi at all. I highly recommend this over any other mobile to PC app. 5 star

So far it works! I've had my phone for about a year now and I regret not using this app sooner. Its awesome! Hope it stays this way or it improves over time Just wow

Love it! I was wasting time trying to get my phone setup to transfer files via USB, then I ran across this gem. This is a no brainer. I love this app! Cool

Very useful app! This is great! Very solid and reliable. I haven't had any problems using it. I only wish they had a Mac desktop app. This is the only reason I took off one star. Fabulous!

useful, i hope it wasn't too keen on using google location. it's annoying. cause I can send files easily even if google locations is disabled. Worth it!

Best and easy file sharing app But it can't transfer a single 3gb file from my phone to pc. After 1gb it slows down or exits. Not bad

Nice and Simple user interface I've tried so many sharing apps like Superbeam, AirDroid, Shareit, but this is the best one, especially for transferring files from PC to smartphone. My USB isn't working so I installed this and its so fast and smooth. This is the one I've been looking for. Worth a go!

Works great when it works The app would turn off wifi every time I hit receive files on my new device. Took awhile to get it to actually start. Pretty good

Outstanding APP Was looking for a way to transfer photos from my Samsung Galaxy S7 to my laptop since USB was not an option. I stumbled onto Share Link what a great app. Fantastic

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