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Auntie Fern says "Yes I Can!" Fantastic app! Simple UI makes for an excellent UX. File transfers between Android and PC is a breeze. Even my 106 y.o. Auntie Fern is happily sending files back and forth just like she did in 1941 for the Allies. Worth a go!

Deserves my stars! Used to use few other apps till I came across this one. Works flawlessly every time! Fast + smooth transfers... Perfect!

Best and fastest file sharing app I had tried many different file sharing apps, this one by far, is the best. Even across none-asus devices. 5 star

Best file transfer app I've used This is so easy to use, excellent progress on screen, the most intelligently designed wireless transfer app I've seen, and I've tried two other good ones. Share Link stands out! Works great

Wow I love this! I was used to connecting my old phone to my computer with a cable, to transfer files and photos. When I first tried connecting my new Asus phone, I was worried that I couldn't figure out how to transfer stuff. But once I tried Share Link, I found it to be even easier than my previous method. I don't even have to physically connect my phone to my laptop, as long as they're on the same network. Using this is so easy and convenient that I never want to go back to the other way! Flawless

Fantastically smooth transfers! This is by and large the best, safest, easiest and fastest Android to Android transfer application I have ever used. It uses the in built hotspot capability of your phone or tablet to send and receive files. There are no intermediate sketchy cloud services and you don't need to be connected to the internet. Software at its most simple and functional (though I am sure a lot of efficient and painstaking programming went into this elegant of an interface). Thanks, developers! Omg

Convenience Does as it says. Having an Asus tablet, phone, and laptop I can transfer files easily without having to connect USB cables. Yes, I'm an Asus fan boy Omg

Easy to use, reliable, slower than anticipated. Very easy to install on the computer and the Android, ignore the warnings on the PC application that it will only work with certain devices. Although I have a very fast Wi-Fi connection, it seems to take about a half a second per megabyte to transfer. That means if you are transferring large video files, be prepared to take a nap. Other than that, great application. I would trust Asus, one of the world's largest manufacturers of PC's and motherboards, to not be making copies of my files as I transfer. wow lol

Works well Ever since the system update, my PC doesn't recognize my phone. This is the most convenient way I've found to transfer files. Highly Recommend.

Excellent I use 2 file transfer apps and this is one of them. files, photos, music, apps, transfer everything real fast in my internet connection share link can transfer 1GB of everything in around 5 minutes ! between my devices, PC, Cellphone and tablet.. Thank you. Asus developers... Two thumbs up! Marvelous

Cool This app really help me to move my files. I don't know, but, is there any app like this which can also paired my deviced so i can see and manage my entire folder using wifi connection? Must have

So far, so good Multiple songs and apps transferred at a time with no issue except maintaining the WiFi connection once. Great app with great results. Wish I'd known about it sooner. Pretty good

Very good Airdroid used to be my favourite app for this sort of thing but recent changes its really gone downhill this app fills that niche very nicely Flawless

best sharing app Better than shareit. Does what its suppose to do without adds and other unnecessary stuffs like shareit. A big thumbs up. Please keep it this way sharelink Flawless

Meh... I tried to move all the music from phone to tablet, but no luck. After about half a gigabyte the app shut down. Shoot!! So now I have to transfer everything a few CDs at a time. What a drag! Perfect!

Does what it says Does exactly what it says and quite easily would be handy to have a search function. It seems to transfer files faster if in a directory and one sends the whole directory and not each file in the directory. Strange but still a very very good program. Perfect

Super Easy To Use! Excellent! I chose this as a replacement for the AirDroid app. I mainly use it to transfer files between my computer and my phone and it works flawlessly. Much more user friendly than AirDroid and I am so glad I found it....Highly Recommended!!! wow lol

Very handy Easy to use. Would be 5 stars but has failed to transfer a large movie file several times. love it

Not as fast as shareit, also ios devices not supported, good thing is its free of annoying ads, thanx to developers. Works great

Nicely Done I love transfering my files without worrying that the cord might be pulled out accidentally because there is no need to use a cord. Worth it!

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