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Simples! How easy is that! Happy as Larry with this one, I've been messing about for ages today trying to sync and transfer photos from my phone to my laptop. I searched Play Store in desperation for help and found this, within minutes I had downloaded the app on my phone and installed Share Link on my laptop. The actual transfer took no time at all, awesome! Highly Recommend.

Good but not great Very simple transfer and you can transfer whole folders. Transfer is quick. However it would be great to be able to browse and sort by size or date, for folders with lots of files finding the one you need is a bit of a pain without this option. The option to move a file would be nice too. What is here works exceptionally, but this app is lacking too many features to get a full 5 stars. Flawless

This app is fast! Probably as fast as usb3. The only thing I could not figure out was how to make the Android device accept and save a specific download location. I could make a specific source directory but not the destination. Still deserves 5 stars regardless... Great tool! Omg

Share Link Only because you keep borging in & interupting so I have to start all over. How rude you people are to want praises from humans instead from Jesus. Store your treasures in heaven & give God the Glory for your gifts so you can receive more from heaven thru humans than the little from the world. God bless in Jesus. Patience is a virtue. Thanks, my problem is solve. Brilliant

Share Link Have tried several file transfer apps (Android to PC, PC to Android etc), and most of them fail for one reason or another. This works - - easy, smooth and fast. Fantastic

Ok This is the only way to send files to the Asus ZenFone that I can find. It does not have the best instructions I have seen. For example it says drag files here or click +. It does not say the drag method is the only way to copy entire albums or folders. You also cannot instal directly to the external SD card. You must install to the phone first, exit the app and enter a different app to move to the external card and then move the albums or folders to the external SD. I have upgraded my review from 1 star. Cool

It's simply fantastic. I used several file transfer apps and this is the only one that does what the app should do. The other apps force me to see an unacceptable number of advertisements. This one don't Brilliant

This is a must have app I was skeptical after trying many apps to download my pictures off of my Samsung 7. I used to just plug in my USB cord to my computer and cut and paste. For some reason that wasn't working and I had tons of holiday pics and music that were stuck on my phone. I tried this after unsuccessfully installing and uninstalling several apps prior that said they do what this one does. It was easy to use. Put the same software on my computer...followed the simple to use interface and here I am. Cool

Few Suggestions/Caution If having problems sending Tablet-to-Phone (or Vice Versa), select FROM PC instead of FROM MOBILE [which would seem to be the logical choice] on Receiving Device. Also, would prefer 'EXIT Y/N ?' instead of 'Stop Receiving File' on Receiving Device after Transfer Complete - almost makes it sound like one is terminating the transfer instead of Exiting after completion. Careful ... Appears Existent File (if any) is Overwritten Without Confirmation on Receiver Device. Other than that, App Works Great! Pretty good

Finally! I've been struggling with photo downloads on my Samsung Note5 to my PC ever since I got the phone. Just installed Share Link and it WORKS! I'm not a computer geek so I appreciated that it's intuitive to use. Have several thousand photos so it took maybe 15 minutes to download everything. It kept the photos in the same files with the same names. Go well

Keep improving! I love the simplicity the other similar apps lack of. You need to promote this app. The only thing you miss now is the number of users. I hope it'll grow Well done!!

Wonderful Application - Highly Recommend This application is very user friendly (for those non-techie folks). Took a few mins to download app on phone and install program on PC. My first transfer, just over 8G, flew ...I was blow away and could not beleive how fast and seamless the entire process was. I did transfer to PC and selected my Google Drive to backup to. Boom! Done. Easy, easy, easy! Enjoy it!

Reliable, and unmatched by the alternatives. After months of use and multiple updates it continues to function just as well as it always has. I have tried dozens of transfer apps and this is the only one that consistently works. A thing to note: Receive "From PC" really means you will connect via a communal network, while "From mobile" forces a WiFi direct / hotspot connection. I find "from PC" is great on mobile if you're both on the same WiFi network. And one minor annoyance, the app doesn't switch back the WiFi for you after doing "from mobile" Great job

Flawless simplicity Worked perfectly 1st time transferring 300+MB of photos from Android to PC. The software grouping of source files for sending is remarkably simple and efficient, and delivery logistics even to automatic folder-creation at destination was effortless on the part of the user. This is a high performance precision product with a great return on the user-decision to get it. There is nothing to configure, just have ShareLink installed at both ends and press the only buttons on the respective screens Amazing!

Incredibly Easy to Use File Sharing I've used just about every file sending app on iOS and Android, and happened upon this only because I bought a ZenFone. Being used to SendAnywhere, I was reluctant at first to try ShareLink. But a week of using has shown me that this app is even faster than SA, and less prone to hiccups. The only shortcoming I can see is if you're transferring files from other people's computers and they aren't using Asus ShareLink. But for me, it's mostly my PC to my phone. love it

Can't handle large files I'm only using it because my phone no longer allows me to connect to my computer and transfer via USB and file explorer. While convenient for small transfers, it can't handle large files or large volumes of files. It also forces my screen to be permanently on in a completely unnecessary manner. Great job

It just works! Compared to the horrors of Samsung Kies Air, anything else would be great. But this app does exactly what it says, efficiently, quietly and without weird errors and failure modes. Great job

Better than the rest! Tried at least four other apps. All were quirky, difficult to set up, or just did not work. Share Link works. Was able to transfer photos and videos from phone to PC quickly and without fuss. Highly recommend. 5 star

Very good application No bad issues with it.sending files direct to external card is what it does.5+ stars. Surprisingly

Need improvement Transfer speed and connectivity is good and smooth. Where is mass selection option I have to tap each photo one by one to select. GUI need improvement. Why not give a option to share files using web browser so that I may send files to those also who don't have share link. Not bad

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