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Took me a few minutes to get it working (which I guess is pretty good) but then it worked like a charm. Even lets you transfer folders. Didn't ask me where I wanted to save stuff though, so I have to go looking for it now, presumably in the downloads folder. Used a Dell PC running Windows 10 and an HTC One M9. Well done!!

Woww....It's wonderful, I used to keep connecting my phone with the PC... And then I tried ASUS ppl told me u always take unheard phones. At once I was hesitant but I m happy I didn't take a second chance and bought.. Damn happy with the service And this app is like awesome.. so cool 15 mins job in just few seconds Keep it up! Marvelous

Have used this app over several months and found it to be simplistic to use and reliable. I upload my phone photos to my PC in a very short time and also handy for transferring images from one device to another. The ease of changing the destination folder is very good. Pretty good

I've tried downloading about a dozen programs like this that are supposed to be easy but this is the only one that I have found so far that is. I am usually given some weird website address to go to to get my files but the files are all strange sounding program files that don't seem to be my photos, videos and whatever. Finally I can simply install this on my computer and my phone and I can share information between my phone and my computer freely either way . It is fast and easy. I love it and highly recommend it! You'll be glad you did! Flawless

Seems to work alright however it would only let me transfer a few files and then no more. I might just not know how to use it though It's very possible. Marvelous

It's great for small files, but is very unreliable over anything over 50 megs. It aborts randomly and I've never been able to transfer anything over 100 megs. My router is solid and the problem occurs on my PC, phone and two tablets. Other problems is the inability to sort files and the inability to see long file names and attributes. That makes it difficult to choose files with long file names when multiple files begin with the same letters. I'm also unable to use it in landscape mode, which would help on seeing long file names. So it gets a solid 3 stars. 4 stars for small files and 1 star for anything over 100 megs. Great job

4/5 because its free and it works pretty well 80% of the time. I do have stalls which can be a pain if you're running out the door like I frequently am... overall my fave app though that i've tried yet. Simplicity is very very well done. Must have

I've used Asus for my last 4 phones. Most of their bundled apps are glorified bloatware which serves no real purpose or try to reinvent a more successful app. In the case of this file transfer app, they actually made something useful and stable for wireless file transfer between phones and pc. Pretty good

Share Link Sent music files from my phone to my tablet. Couldn't be bothered going via pc. V fast transfer rate. And it's free! And no ads! And it transfers whole folders! I can't see any reason to pay for one. Great!

Well done! Finally I was able to upload my videos, since it was impossible to send them to cloud due to them size. It is very user friendly and allows you to choose entire folders. This one will be with me from now on! Thanks guys! Good

It actually for real works! Just a little text description under the device icons to say "sending device" and "receiving device" for example would take the mystery out of the send recurve page. I don't know the model number of each device right off hand so this would help. 5 stars! wow lol

Share link works like a charm. Unlike other file transfer apps, Share Link handles large files or a large number of files in one transfer with ease. It works with my PC and other Android devices. love it

Finally got it to work after hours of messing around with both the PC & mobile app settings & my phone settings . Maybe this is a novice mistake , but nothing would transfer at first due to what I originally thought was firewall settings, but was actually a phone setting I needed to turn on which allows files to transfer & be accepted over wifi. When I select the initial option on the app upon installation where it allows that the device settings be adjusted to help the app work, why isn't this done automatically? Super frustrating to have to go thru and troubleshoot every single phone setting after the fact. When it got to working , it works great , however Marvelous

I have been using infinit transfer app, but since they notified that they will be discontinuing it, I've been testing several others. Share Link seems like the easiest, fastest and the closest to infinit and I think I will really like it. However, I am having a problem with the Share Link pop-up window on the PC. It is so large that I can't access the bottom where you click send or receive. I can't find any way to resize the window. I'm sure after this problem is solved, I'll be able to give a 5 star. Enjoy it!

I have been using infinit transfer app, but since they notified that they will be discontinuing it, I've been testing several others. Share Link seems like the easiest, fastest and the closest to infinit and I think I will really like it. **Update: After using this for a while, I love it. Multiple transfers are very fast. Infinit is great but I am dumping it for Share Link now. I have it on 4 devices so far. Highly Recommend.

Have been using another file transfer for years now but suddenly its developing some problems. Then I found this. Been wasting my time with all others. Its fast and easy. The best and incidentally this is the first time ever I have taken the time to give stars or comment about any app. Its that good Worth it!

Seems slightly more stable & faster than other wireless file transfer apps that do NOT require first installing a desktop client. However, there are so many "inconveniences" such as NO way to choose the sorting order in the file selector, transferred files do NOT retain their original timestamps and - strangest of all - files got renamed for no reason or warning (e.g. Share Link v1.3.apk will become its package name or have the version number missing on the target!). Share Link works but is nowhere near being a good app... Surprisingly

Awesomely good and easy file transfer app. There is a little bugs that the rate us pop-up will stop the file transfer on first use of the app and do that 3 times. The 3rd time you transfer files it works great! Also Bluetooth on tablet with WiFi off and the app will turn phone WiFi on with Bluetooth on. It turns WiFi off on tablet. Some small bug somewhere but overall I used the app twice. 3.5 GB of video and 274.8 mb of game files from phone to tablet. The speed of transfer is good, but the initial connect of the devices is slow. Had to try 3 times on both file transfers. This app does work well just a little polish on connection. I tried many other ways to transfer these files and they all failed except for this app. Kit Kat os and lollipop tablet. Thanks for the no ads free app. ☺☺ keep up the good work. Just wow

brilliant...simply brilliant undoubtedly the best file sharing app in the play store...not only 100% free but also ad flawlessly on droids as well as on computers...way better than the share (sh)it crap from lenovo... a big thank you to asus for this amazing app. Must have

Good but biggest problem not working every time I really happy file transferring between my windows lapy and android mobile but not working each time. Even I have stop antivirous and firewall. Fix d problem worthy 5 star Surprisingly

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