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Wow! That's great it transfers files 9x faster than Bluetooth but can you add more feature like Add share it feature so for the shortage storage it's great plz help I'm waiting for new version Flawless

Disappointed can't find my friends device for sending any item. he has a htc one. I suggested him share link and now it's really disappointing for me now. Not bad

It was good..!! After update not able to send anything and earlier it used to detect even share it users but now I couldn't send it. Kindly fix it up ASAP. Enjoy it!

great app! Easy and clear to use. Now it works on my Asus Infinity A86 perfectly, also installed it on samsung i727 and i9505 and works great. Marvelous

Share link Not able to send or receive any app or folder etc asus to asus ...not recognize at all ..please team of ASUS us ..I have ZenFone4 .. wow lol

ONE QUESTION Am I still able to use this app to send files to my PC? if yes and I can no longer use it with SHAREit, then what app should I install on my PC in order to send my files? I give you 5 stars because of your extraordinary speed of transferring files. Please make it more useful! Recommend

PC Support Love this apps.. make file transfer easier and faster.. but how about desktop version..?? Worth it!

Unable to share item. After this new update, Asus ShareLink will automatically turn on mobile data not same as before it will use wifi hotspot function. Hope can fix it. Thanks. (Asus Zenfone 5) Enjoy it!

Need more share options Why can't I share it via WhatsApp? Also make the UI more polished, the initial screens are very charming and hopeful, gives away to the last ends! Great work btw ASUS, I had trashed sharelink after last update but this seems to have give it a brand new life! Please focus in giving EVERYTHING Shareit gives and MORE! Lets take our rivals into oblivion!!!! love it

Thanks Thanks for supporting android 4.1 and below thanks. My friends switching Bluetooth to share link Cool

Finally support other device! Now i can instal it in my other device. I dont mind if it no longer support ShareIt. Thanks for the update...keep the good work Brilliant

Whatever 2+1....thanks to make it work for non-asus device and now 3+2 for supporting android 4.1 yay!!! Muito bom!

Great! After almost a month waitting to update! Finally today i can update it! Test it. With my redmi note ,the app works like charm!!thnx!! Muito bom!

Speed bluetooth It very speed bluetooth....many file can bluetooth like application,music,picture and more...the best is application....we can bluetooth some games or app to your fone.

Good I love it but I think that it's not global or well-known like other apps such as Zapya or... But OK ASUS THANKS!

deafult path receive files will be make it 5 stars, if can change the default path when receive files. like, receive file to external sd card directly

The best Its way better than ios airdrop.. But could you make a windows app for this so that i can transfer files from my zenbook to my zenfone easily and wirelessly? Cause that would be GREAT!!

Good but still Shareit features not available In Shareit app which is actually developed by lenovo we are able to select the path for saving files, it allow us to save the received files to the SD Card location. Where as this ASUS app which is based on shareit app doesnt allow us to do the same, on devices like fonepad 4gb we arent able to receive bigger files, due to its limited storage capacity, on these devices more then half of the internal storage is dedicated for the system storage, n after updating the core apps v r hardly left with any space.

Not compatible with idevices? Why can not compatible with shareit idevices version?i need that compatibility to transfer to my idevices

grt app it's better than othr Wi-Fi transfer, simple, fast, n updates r cool... one more thing needed in d upcoming updates d rate speed of data transferring n expected time to cmplt d transfr

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