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Never transfered a file from a cell phone to a PC or cell phone to cell phone. But this was so easy and simple. Works great only 1 thing it takes a very long time to transfer long songs. Well done!!

It is an awesome app and it works very well. The transfer speed is very good, but it can be improved. Must have

Works great I use it to copy all my apps from one device to another without being restricted with what's already on the play store. Go well

I've been using this app since I got my ZenFone 3 Max (ZC553KL) with Marsmallow and it's been a great app but after I updated to Nougat it is no longer supported to run on my phone, any update? Well done!!

Just makes life so much easier and I'm all about that! Thanks for the great app. Worth it!

New Samsung phone sends picks to my pc quickly and easily. I dont have to select each device in each screen, automatically detects and sends. Love it. wow lol

I had a big problem connecting wires and transferring files from my tablet to my computer but with share link it is like taking my files with my hands from my tablet and throw the files in my computer Perfect!

Does what it's advertised to do. Easy, transfers quickly, very useful! Great job ASUS! Great products also. Fabulous!

First impression: excellent! Transferring files between my laptop was a painful process but with sharelink it was done so effortlessly. Simple steps. Very professional and the interface is very simple too. Hope nothing changes. Worth a go!

Intuitive and very easy to use. No glitchy connection issues like the Share It app. Great job

Great way to transfer data! Easy to use, amazingly fast, no cable or going through a lot of ways to send files! Works great

Just works very well both to and from several phones and PC. Very fast transfers. Fantastic

30/apr/17 In the description it says that one doesn't need an internet to make a connection… well… not true at all. No need for internet connection, but you need to be connected to the same network. And why should I have a network without connection? 12/march/17. Already gave you 5★, no need to ask again through the app. That kind of stuff leads to one star down, next time I see it. 05 march '17. Nice and simple app, without unnecessary additions, works fine even on older phones, as well as with pc version. Useful tool. Great job asus guys! Muito bom!

One of the best file sharing programs I have ever used. It is easy to use. It is very fast to transfer files. It had only one problem the transfer stops when the screen is turned off and it does not resume when it is turned on you have to start over. I hope they fix this problem. Must have

The connection is very stabil, beautifully fast, could move a 3.6 Mb data within 6 secs. But the PC version window was too much. I appreciate it if you develop a simple one. Needs Net Framwork 4.5 above to connect with PC. So yeah, a quite trouble for old PC. Not bad

Pretty good app so far. No issues transferring things from different devices, & all different named brands & formats. Usually the opposite.... you want to share our transfer, it has to be Same device, Same software, Same formats. So yeah, no problems to date. And believe me! If there was, I would definitely blast it on ratings. Works great

Given how much time I have spent trying to transfer files directly from my Samsung Galaxy S5 to my Lenovo YogaBook and back again, five stars seems to be an inadequate score. This application is probably the best I have ever come across. By the way, when it says on the sending device, "Tap the Receiving Device", it means the Receiving Device icon - not the receiving device itself. Silly me! Highly Recommend.

App fails to create Wifi link between mobile & PC. If there is an existing link already created by other app(tethering, wifi direct, Zapya, Shareit etc), it hooks up straight. Once the link is established, the rest follows in jiffy, easy & fast. Should not be much of a deal to rectify this small hitch. Hope developers act quickly. This can become a great app. Awesome

Wonderful app!! I would be happier if, on the computer, the window could be resize able, or having a full screen mode... (this is just a special issue) i using pc remote control app on my phone, and if i done with my sending list, the Send button is out of the screen, and at first time use i couldn't figure out how to start sending my files.. I need to scroll up the window. Just i wish, the sending list could be smaller a bit, by applying smaller letters for example. Otherwise everything looks perfect on it! Really professional design. Brilliant

I faced few problems of connectconnecting with PC. It got resolved after reinstalling at both ends. It accomplishes what it promises. Simple, Intuitive, Fast. Succeeded in the first attempt. Whether large number of files or large size file, all transfers are equally reliable and efficient always. Great app. I would recomrecommend for all. Flawless

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