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Best one I have tested. Closest to what I had with Motorola phone. Found I really couldn't go without that function when I switched phones. Fantastic

Awesome app. Only the sensitivity seems to be alittle erratic. But awesome none the same Superb!

It is a very useful app everyone should download this app when shake two to three times flash is coming it is a very useful app Marvelous

Works great in a pinch. Kind of annoying when running with my phone but thats all i have to complain about. 5 star

Great app. Wish they had a version I could just pay a few bucks for so that the ads don't come up every time. But still good Enjoy it!

hello, I like your application but I have a request maybe in a future update you can make the application not put in the foreground when shaking the device. Maybe you could make a paid version for that, Brilliant

Awesome app works so good. Never had any other torch app working so smoothly like this Go well

Awesome app! ✌ Totally in love with it. Been using it for many months. Always worked - never let me down. The screen needs to be ON for the app to work. In my phone, I just press the screen lock button *without even looking at the screen or without having to unlock password* and then I shake the phone - the app takes over right away without any delay. Also I've been updating the app every time there's an update. Never had a bad update; like some other apps. You've really made life much easier, AndroidRock! Thanks and kudos! Muito bom!

My son's Motorola phone had this feature, so glad to have found this app that works great on my Samsung Must have

Very nice app. It works great for my Moto ZForce but had some issues with my friends LG device. Great balls of "fire" Great job

My mobile is Lenovo k6 power , I don't have this settings but now I use this torch by shakelight Perfect!

Works great, no buttons! Makes my new Samsung phone work like my old Motorola phone flashlight that was built in! Thank you! Brilliant

Great having a flashlight that turns on with a shake instead of going through several screens to turn it on. I feel much safer in the dark. Muito bom!

It's good. Not perfect, but good. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7. This app works decently most of the time. Does not work every time and often comes on when I don't want it to.but all in all a decent app and more handy than not having it at all Works great

I downloaded it hoping and praying it would work like the one on my old turbo 2 did. Tried it, it worked and even though it warned me it wouldn't work on a lock screen with an android device, I locked my screen anyway and it DOES work for the galaxy s7!!! Super happy. The ability to shake it on and off makes searching for something a lot simpler! Great!

Loved the feature on my old turbo, works great on pixel 2 even with locked screen. Would be 5 stars if it didn't open every time I used it. Muito bom!

Works well even when my screen is off, would be good if the power button turned it back off Worth it!

Man this is SO great! Works with my phone asleep. No crappy added ads like other shake lights. Nicely done!!!! Amazing!

Upgraded phone and this app was just what I needed instead of fumbling around trying to find the setting. Shake on, shake off. Perfect. Perfect

Loaded fine, with no problem. Easy to use, just like the app on my Droid Turbo that come pre loaded. Just a shake and it's on! Just one problem; I had to adjust the sensitivity by decreasing it, so now I'm wait to see if it goes on when I walk, or just or make a sudden movement. Fantastic

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