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Very useful app for kids and the whole family members moreover we get to know more details about saiver. Thank you so much for the good effort. Marvelous

மிகவும் சிறப்பான பயனுள்ள ஒரு பயன்பாட்டு மென்பொருளினை தந்தமைக்கு மிக்க நன்றி Surprisingly

Omnamashivaya.very useful app.saivam radio programs are taking the listeners into a blissful state. Superb!

சிவ வழிபாட்டிற்கு உதவும் செயலி. Awesome

An excellent app for the saivites to learn and up-to-date their Siva knowledge wherever they are. Awesome

It's exelent app.first affal thanks to create this feature ..all are working good .but map is not clear and prefet address.and download option for song is also missing otherwise it's aamayzing and great work.pls crt map location.and other important one is .I want to be hear the song without internet connection. Great job

In this device now not opening for reading and listening. Please help.சிவாயநம Works great

விரும்பியவையில்(my favourites) அடுத்தடுத்து (next) செல்ல வசதி இருந்தால் உதவியாக இருக்கும். Brilliant

Hi. it is a very good App to listen. Some radio programmes are stopped abruptly at the end of hour and new programme starts. Please allow the programmes to complete. Flawless

Why Avinashi is missed in tirupur district? IN Temples section under tiruppur district avinashi is missing..please check it love it

Good app, need some fine tuning in terms of the speed and accessibility. Otherwise this is the best app I was looking for long time. Thanks Awesome

சிவாயநம ஓம்... அற்புதமான உருவாக்கம். தங்கள் இறைபணிக்கு நன்றி அய்யா... மேலும் தங்கள் பணி சிறக்க எம்பெருமான் ஈசனை வேண்டுகிறேன்... ஓம் நமசிவாய Flawless

நிரைய பாடல் பிலே ஆகவில்லை சரிசெய்யவும் Great!

The audio is not working. I wanted to hear the tirumurai paadalgal by sargurunathan avargal. I am disappointed that it is not working. Muito bom!

Excellent Application. It is very Useful links to every world Citizen for Self Realization and World PEACE. Thank You for your Excellent Spiritual Service. wow lol

தமிழுக்கு பெருமையை ஏற்படும் விதத்தில் முயற்சி செய்த தங்களது சேவை தொடர்ந்திட ஆண்டவர் அருள் புரியட்டும்.நீண்ட நாள் கனவு.இதில் பாடல்களையும் இணைத்திருந்தால் மகிழ்ச்சி அளிக்கும்.வாழ்க வளமுடன். Well done!!

It's amazing information to be shared to all the Tamil people to understand and let it become their part of their life to realize what they are. On Nama Shivaya. 5 star

Fabulous content but not all features are working.The audio is not working at all.The temple map is very unhelpful. Go well

Radio its really fine. Saiva periavargal....sivanadiyargal.......thogaiyadiyargal....63 nayanmargal......innum. niraya. Mahangal. Ivargalai patri. Detaila. Oru program. Daily. Night la broadcast panna. Nalla. Irukum. Works perfectly

அருமையான செயலி உபயோகமான செயலி Awesome

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