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Great Graphics Beautiful graphics, unique puzzles and thankfully, a map! All the back and forth might drive you crazy, so the interactive map is essential. The lag between scenes was minimal, just long enough to take a sip of coffee. I didn't comprehend how to use the mag. glass for fingerprints - maybe I missed the instructions? All in all, a very nice game.

Amusing Muses Very entertaining, loved the graphics, easy connections sometimes difficult to pick up items. Otherwise well worth time and $$.

Great job! I'm loving the game! I can't understand why some people are unhappy with paying $2.99 for it. Everyone knows free means, you get to try it first and if you like it, then you pay. I'd be unhappy if you, didn't have that feature! It's really fare that way. I'm just grateful for the wonderful game's you're putting together, keep them coming, please!!!

Could be good but it's just annoying! This game has a lot of potential but I am getting so annoyed with the main character saying the same thing over and over again "it seemed like the thing to do". It's driving me mad - it feels lazy and it detracts from the game.

seven muses wish I could find more games like this. good story . you can see everything (not dark)

Liked it. But it needs work. Difficult to touch and grab objects. Some unique puzzles. But a few of the puzzles didn't respond to touch. Reading the info/instructions didn't help, so I skipped those puzzles. Plenty of game to play. Some of the HOS were surprisingly clever.

In one word ....Brilliant. I have enjoyed the game up to now. Havent finished it yet but having glips already. I know ive paid for this and it isnt a lot but i still dont like going through a game and not being able to finish it. Really would rste this 6 stars if there was 6. Having to go back and forth to find the clues then remembering where to place them. Well done big fish. Im hooked

Awesome I have played lots of adventure games and this is one of the best. Great mixture of hos and puzzles. Not to mention a fantastic storyline. A realistic storyline Thank goodness cuz I'm so sick of fantasy.

Fabulous game really enjoyed this one. Story, graphics, music, mini games. I wish the hidden object games were a little longer. This game crashed my nexus 7 a fair amount but I just deleted the cached process and went back in.

BFG does it again Great point n click whodunit with out of this world graphics. Use zoom in game and hos. Some puzzles triky. Hints and guide helpful. Fun for any age.

Seven Muses....Outstanding!!!! Great graphics! Great storyline! Not too easy, not too difficult. Perfect just to pass the time. I enjoyed this game very much. Thank you. Worth every penny.

Enjoyable! This game has good graphics and scenes! Puzzles interesting, although storyline was muddled! But this did not distract from enjoying gameplay!

Loved this game! This was one of my favorite hidden objects games. I loved the bright scenery, good plot and no glitches. The hints were very helpful and I especially loved the fact that you can re-watch the animated scenes in the journal. I often accidentally skip those scenes and it's very annoying when there is no way to watch them again. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone!

Decent game Had a lot more game play and story than most of the other HO games. Looking forward to playing the sequel.

Awesome!!!! This game is so good! Good story line, good puzzles and HOS, good layout and structure. Long, too. This is probably my favorite Big Fish game!

Definitely worth buying! (I don't usually rate, or review games however this game motivated me to do so ) I absolutely love this game! I played the demo, and bought the full version immediately. So far I can't put it down,and I'm only about an hour into the game. Love the story line,love the interactive game play! I'm having a great time finding the little teapots,in hope of added bonus play later,I'm not yet sure what the magnifying glass clue hunting will produce, however,I find the idea of it very creative! Thanks for all the hard work in creating this game,I well definitely be enjoy it! Worth every penny!!!

Great HOG Game With Decent Story Line I LOVED this game. I see people complaining about the load times of the next scene, but they need to blame that on their device, NOT on the game developers. This game was excellent in every way and it kept me going from one scene to the next without getting bored or lost. I can tell this game had a lot of great talent working on it and a great product was the result. As always, Big Fish Games has come out with another winner. Great job, guys!

Good value The bugs for me were tapping twice on areas plus going back to the beginning once you check the journal time wasting and frustrating would of been 5 star otherwise

Awesome I love these kinds of games!! They r so addicting. Please come up with new ones soon.

Hoping for a Sequel Beautiful graphics, intriguing plot, relaxing music, and I loved the bonus of having the pet ferret aid in the sleuthing!

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