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I'll write another review after I get my items. But the app is easy to use lots of options in product the reviews are helpful. I'm new to make up I don't wear it a lot but sephora is helping me with my make up journey. Wish me luck! Superb!

This app will be my financial ruin. I don't like shopping at Sephora but I love the app. And the customer service is amazing. Super breezy. I will always use this app Enjoy it!

I like the app, but the foundation and concealet shades are not from lightest to darkest. I am fair skinned and find it hard. Cool

The app is amazing I like how I'm able to check everyone's reviews before I make a purchase. Or how I can up load a photo to see if a specific lip stick would suit me. Great app. So much packed into it I can scroll for hours and not get bored. Recommend

Amazing I love the products they sell. A bit pricey but totally worth it. Save up a bit before buying anything and make sure to go to local Sephora to try on makeup before you buy but hard not to like anything there cuz it's just about all fantastic. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP. Not bad

Great when it works, but it rarely does. I keep getting an Invalid Response error message, and this has been happening increasingly often over the past few days. The app is not even usable for me right now. Good

Easy to use. There's a lot on there but once you get used to it you'll love it. I've never had any issues. My only complaint is that there's no "sale" section on the app. Otherwise I like it. Flawless

It used to work perfect now it freezes goes blank and says invalid response. I reached out to the team and no response. This is really frustrating to not be able to enjoy the app. Please fix. Highly Recommend.

Since I live in an area that only has a Sephora in JCPenney option, this app is how I order all the makeup that I don't need straight from Sephora. This app is so much more though. You can connect in the community with other Sephora fans to talk, review products you love or hate and use the virtual makeup section to try products on your selfie to see if you like it. Also beauty insiders, it's the way to keep up with special offers and releases plus special events. Bonus, you can sign up for free flash 2 day shipping for 10 dollars so no paying for shipping after that no matter the amount spent Worth it!

Love the app! Easy to use! I know if I can't find it in our local store I can always find it on the app. Product descriptions and received products are always as pictured and described. My teenage daughter's love the tutorials. I love the fast shipping and how easy it is to start using as soon as I downloaded! Marvelous

Had exactly what I was looking for and then some! Plus $10 a year for 2 day shipping? Yes please!!!! Love this App, makes it so much easier to fuel my makeup addiction Works perfectly

Unfortunately, since the update, like others, the app freezes constantly or just refuses to load content. It has nothing to do with my internet, this has happened even when I've used data versus Wi-Fi. They hold similar results, and it's a little annoying. Fabulous!

Worked well at first... lots of glitches now every time I try to use it (blank pages and errors, can't search, load info). Hope that the app the glitches are fixed soon! I am a frustrated user at the moment... Surprisingly

I loved how easy it was to shop the site through this app! The only issue I had was when scrolling through the lip colors to find the ones being discontinued, I would lose the price at the top of the listing. Recommend

They have a page for promo codes to apply so you can get 4 free samples per order! Makes you feel spoiled. Brilliant

Makeup is new to me. Being able to just get everything at home and being able to mess with everything in the comfort of my own home makes me feel so much better. Everything gets here super fast. I don't have to deal with anyone. I love it. I've learned so much. Works great

Only issue I had was adding to my cart. Took me a minute to realize it was a bubble in the corner Cool

I love this app. It IS too easy to get all the newest goodies. The samples are awesome also. Ladies, get your Sephora Play monthly box ! It is so worth it ! ❤ Sephora ! Enjoy it!

Hi um i logged in and sort of logged out and i dont know how to log back in someone help ! Amazing!

I love this app, but lately most of the things I click on say "invalid response" and I cannot add anything to my cart :( I love this app so much when it works, and would have made at least 2 purchases in the past week had I been able to add to the cart, but unfortunately had to go elsewhere to an app that does work. Please fix so I can start shoppong at Sephora again! Well done!!

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