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Thanks Just wanted to check if my phone has gyroscope or not.. Fortunately it has..great app.. Fabulous!

Awesome Very cool and simple to use. The magnetometer representation shouldn't be primarily a compass as that's not where the data come from in the very short range. There are magnetic fields everywhere and a compass is useless because im not in an isolated environment. Would like it to look similar to metal shavings on a paper.

Very Cool The app allows the user to look at the data from the various kinetic sensors on the phone. Very cool and useful for examining how different motions and orientations "look" from the hardwares perspective. Useful for debugging games or apps that use the motion or orientation sensors on a device.

Good App Nice app. it works as expected. used it to test the screen protector if it was blocking any sensor

Way Cool!!! I only use it as a toy so far, but the amount of accurate data I get is way cool! For free, it's a must have.

Great app Awesome app, ive got 17 sensors in my phone and it allows me to look at each one. Very accurate measurements on my phone, then again it will only operate based on the quality and make of sensor. This is one of the better apps that I've seen so far.

LG-E400 | Android 2.3.6 Interesting(!!!) for those who like to understand what the device is measuring and what needs to be calculated, in order to make it react to movement as it does in certain applications. Soo...

I've got a lot ! The TITLE of my review is my FIRST FEELING after installing this App. The fifth star is due unless I experience it properly.

Pls help Loved the app , for many of our phones out there like mine have jerky gyroscopes, (moto g2) , it would be awesome if you make an app to alter the sensitivity of the gyroscope, I would pay big time for that kind of app.

Really REALLY cool! You dont have to be a genius to use this and on initial startup i got to see which sensors i have and don't have. I also love the demos next to each one. Now i have a better understanding of what the sensors can and cant do on my tablet. Now...time to install on my phone. Thank you for a great informative. app

Too Scientific The app is great but there are major setbacks. One, it takes too many key presses to get to a desired reading. Two, it is not really designed for instant reads, such as, current pressure or humidity. Three, the interface is not user friendly if you are not keeping continuous data records. It's all graphs and charts, no dials or other 'conventional', instantaneous readout options.

Confused Too bad i have no gravity sensor but i use gravity sensor related apps and it worked, no idea.. Zenfone 5 , i dont have gyro, humid, gravity, rotation, and etcs im sad :'( hahah jking xD thanks to this app.. i tried Sensor box for android too but i think ds s more accurate.

Very cool! Very generous to have this be free! On my phone, the data collection for certain sensors was jerky. Great app, though! :)

#rain-or-shine? Exactly what it says! Charting is great. For example, the one for the magnetometer shows three lines, one for each of x, y, and z.

#let-there-be-light Cool!! Works on Galaxy S 2. This app is really cool. It is amazing all of the sensors that are used together to make a smartphone tick! Thank you developer.

Nifty sensor detector! This app does a good job of giving a break down of all of the functioning sensors on one's phone.

In a word, WOW!! Yes I will buy the paid version when released to support this project. Exactly what I was looking for. A real eye opener as to what's going on with smart phones, all the data that can be gathered for you and ABOUT YOU. Kudos to the developers for requiring no special permissions. I agree with Perry that csv log file would make this app much more useful worth paying for.. Recommend to take Sensor Kinetics APK.

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