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Good for building vocabulary. Go well

You pronounce in English?! These words don't even sound Spanish when they're played. You must work on the pronunciation.

Good features, bad selection of phrases This app isn't robust enough to be a way to start learning Spanish fluently, but as a way to learn phrases for a holiday it's a bit frustrating because the phrases and words it includes seem a bit random. Not really fit for the scenarios you're likely to come across abroad.

Good program needs some tweaks. I like everything about this program almost. I wish though it had English pronunciation syllabus of the Spanish words. Example: Que? Q-ey, qw-ey, or kay? The fact that it can be used offline is good too like on the train(no service) or bus(saving data(I envy Europe Wireless Service Providers)). I like the layout as well. I use your app in addition to another program. Thanks.

Very nice app A suggestion though - to have more verbs grouped together so that one can combine the learned words into sentences.

Good word list but exercises too repetitive Repetition excessive in multiple choice, favoring words earlier in the list; repetition intolerable in Hangman when being asked to spell the same word again for the fifth time with only three other words intervening and those repeated as well.

Awesome app. So easy to use and your able to take your time and practice what you have learned by the memory test thing awesome!

Good for building vocabulary Excellent for building up a vocabulary. But do not expect to talk sentences after using this app. This is only to increase ypur vocabulary.

Really helpful This is a really great app for beginners and can be used alongside other more formal Spanish lessons. Very helpful.

Really useful Would be better if it included some verb tables :) but overall it's great, thank you ♥

Could be good It'd be a great app if the speech was in a Spanish accent instead of it saying Spanish phrases in an English accent.

Sensei Is so awesome and I always wanted to learn Spanish and I did but the fun way by Sensei! :)

Spanish for beginners I like this app. You can look at the words and phrases you will be working on first, which isn't the case with every app. The game is fun and I love the speaking exercise facility.

Good for beginner The app is good at helping you remember. Having a hard time with speech portion but could beer my connection

Average quality & boring! Text to speech is a tragedy with English accent especially. Tasks are boring, too much repetition... Doesn't really help to learn compared to memrise or duolingo

Excellent!! Thisbis a great app, I fond myself remebering more and doing better every time I practice.. Recommend to download Sensei - Learn Spanish APK.

#learning-game If this is a new app, it's a good start, needs some more “activities"! For most of the activities, they give you the English word and expect you to produce the Spanish word. They should add some reverse style lessons to help cover more people's learning styles.

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