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I'm getting Trouble with my theme app Although my internet is working correctly It keeps snowing network error I also ReInstalled The Sense Home app but nothing happened Please Respond.....My whole theme was destroyed...... I'm using HTC desire 628 Must have

Get bored of same interface ! Plz add more drawer customization.. like 5*5... hozizontal slide in it... change icon size..... complete drawer transparency ! Rest it is perfect ❤❤ Not bad

I request to the htc cooperation to add these feature 1 change the notification bar (anddoid 5.1, htc desire 626) 2 add an abelity to change the lock screen clock style Highly Recommend.

I request to the htc cooperation to add these feature 1 change the notification bar ui if possible 2 add an abelity to change the lock screen clock style Marvelous

Please make the blinkfeed accessible to more social medias like Facebook, Instagram as it was before, and add more topics to the feed. Fabulous!

When will that swipe up for all apps feature in HTC sense home be updated for HTC Desire 830 dual sim?? Worth a go!

I really like HTC Sense, especially the themes. However, my BlinkFeed Home screen/widget doesn't show any news articles since the latest News Republic update. Marvelous

Thanks for new update now i Can connect facebook >>> blinkfeed Fabulous!

Will you update sencehome as it,s crashing. When I clean the catch with CM Security. doing it a lot . Thank you for the up date an exellent app I relie on this all the time . Well done!!

Please please please update the camera app it is so bad & poor & unchangable Pretty good

I want to make a suggestion, it's great and all, I love htc in general, I like face recognition very much but I think it could be better, it's fast but it's a two step process, after it recognizes you it's a swipe up, there are phones out with just one step, it recognizes you and takes you to whatever screen you were using, I think it could be a cool feature to make htc software greater :) Not bad

Hi, give 7.0 update I didn't get any update form my mobile phone. Sometimes home sense can't respond while lack of hanging. I always report my issues htc, they can't reply anyway. Please fix those problems and give extra update for new experience. Old update has bored to use. Cool

Please make app drawer transperant that's the very first, and make dailer now a bit different its Oreo out now Good

Please, make fullscreen photo viewing on dialer's incoming and outgoing calls. I moved to HTC U11 from Xiaomi Mi5, and MIUI's dialer looks better than on HTC Sense. Thank you! Cool

At first, I liked the theme I enjoyed making my own theme. Until I don't know if there was an update on it but if there were It kinda disappointing. When I choose a background I would crop it and pick a filter but now I can't pick a filter without doing so beforehand. And one moment I saw that I can make my them changes at a certain time of day but now I can't find that anywhere now. I hope you bring back them back or help me point them out where I'm not looking. Thanks. love it

Nice & simple. But need more customeable eg gasture, hide apps with password etc wow lol

It crashes when "p" letter is written on the app search section in app drawer. Updates didn't fix it. Please do something about it. Thank you. Enjoy it!

It always says sense home has stopped, when I type P in the search menu. Please fix it! Go well

I've added a couple of stars to my rating on behalf of my having uninstalled all updates to this app, returning it to the originally installed version, and leaving it, I've not had any further issues with constantly being asked to sign into my account while showing that I'm already signed in, or the sync issues I was also having due to the latest updates. I won't be updating this app until your Dev's can get these issues sorted out because, for starters, my security app showed this app to be sharing my personal information to an unknown location but after I uninstalled the updates that fixed the problem and MY PERSONAL INFORMATION was no longer being shared by YOUR APP! I've tried contacting you, HTC security and Google Play. All I got for a response, if anything, was an automated response from Google directing to their troubleshooting pages or a couple of other sites for legal purposes and whatnot when all need was just a couple of answers that would've took any DEV guy 2 seconds to answer. But hey, I'm not mad at Google, cause at least they responded... ? You have 4 Must have

Love theme store and general look but hate blinkfeed since news republic--please separate blinkfeed into different app. Annoyed that edit theme no longer allows custom color schemes (or images for bar above app tray, etc) unless using the HTC theme website. Also annoying that editing lock screen wallpaper and some other things are in different places, not in edit current theme. Would love compatibility for all Android (s8) to get friends to eventually switch to HTC Superb!

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