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Amazing Camera I tried so many cam app, this is match what I want exactly. Simple easy good shoots nice basis filter with edit tools.. I recommend it truly Highly Recommend.

Easy and hassle free I love and really enjoying this application, not only its an app having small mb but the great usage of it makes it exciting to use. 5 star

Broken I have just taken a photo but this is the second time I've took one this week using this app, For some reason when i take the picture not only it doesn't save but it turns my phone off and takes the battery down to 5%, please fix this of you can because it was working fine last week. Perfect

Nice and simple Simply easy and nice , clean and light without annoying would be great if more amazing effects features to be update Well done!!

So far..I like. Similar to Avery. .I am not thrilled about purchasing add ons..but will most likely cave. I wish they could find a way to get credit for what u earn play store cash Kohl's cash..but with in app purchases. .. Fabulous!

wow i kinda liked it ...its amazing but it could use more effects...sooo could u guys put more effects Works perfectly

So easy It has stickers and the lighting is perfect with other apps the lighting is not good:) = Works great

Mrs L D Bass I loved it, I don't like you can't save pictures r use your pictures from your gallery!! That's what I have read! Cool

Amzingg Best camera app I've found since candy camera tool a down fall. Its a lot like Aviary.. Superb!

Has bugs Just downloaded this app. Haven't used it yet every time I go into.the camera it crashes . Not bad

Amazing. A good bit like Snapchat, only without the chat part. Great filters, love the blemish tool. Very nice setup. Highly Recommend.

Speechless I am so speechless its amazing I love how there is no ads its just amazing I definitely recommend this app Great job

Love it It is an amazing app that is easy to work and has lots of filters and stuff like that Well done!!

Love it I love this camera it is soooooooo amazing soooooooo many different thing u can do on it I love the overlays the filters and the stickers this app is amazing Great!

Awesome I would give it a 5 but it was a tad bit hard to use but overall it it is a great app

Awsome I couldn't tack pics then I found this app I got it it works , you can change color of pic this is a great app.

The best app It's great ! Good quality but the filters aren't so keep your filter app and this and your life will be perfect

Its alright You can take lots of pics and filter them but it wont let you save them it says this picture doesn't exist. Wish it would save my pics,I don't know if its worth 5 stars.

Fun and easy to use My 7 year old son and I like to use the many options in changing the look of our pictures that we post on social media for our friends and family to see.

I LOVE IT! It works great. Pictures are good quality. And look amazing. Some picture's arent exactly what i want. But other times its even better. Maybe more filters wiuld be great. But still my favorite app ever

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