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I like it, but i wish it had more filters to choose from. It needs more animals, and other ones. Other then that it is overall pretty good. Its easy to use. Cool

I thought this was just a stupid ad and I just downloaded it so it wouldn't come back with any more ads but but I actually like it Worth a go!

I'm going through this, I don't know yet what's the impact for my selfies hahaha Worth it!

I will be there when you get a chance to meet up for the whole back to work on the transfer list but couldn't so I applied in Neogov and get back to the state 5 Superb!

It takes a wail for the pink dear and things like that to come up so that's way I give this 3 stars 5 star

I think it is the best app Works great

I think this is the best selfie camera ♥♥♥♥♥ OMG ITS AMAZING........ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Just wow

You have improve this app, i expected more but this app waste, i wasted my time with this app Worth a go!

I mean it is good but it could use more appropriate filters when u download them love it

Best app ever I love it so much and it makes me look beautiful my favourite app CHOOSE THIS APP Highly Recommend.

I like this app because you can totally change the way you look, this over all is a really cool app! Brilliant

I like this app .. I want make more this app how is picart make lick this plizz tnx for this app Amazing!

This is a good app maybe if u don't like it u can give it one more chance just saying Go well

It's not a fantastic app I hate this app Flawless

I loved it my lil sis wanted snapchat but she was too young so she got this and now she loves its Worth a go!

The creator this application is good to go I just need more nice design on the pictures Just wow

I think this is actually the best editor ever..i had no option but to give it five stars Perfect

I am 63 and I love this. Thank you, I just wish I could afford to get more things from you.Thank you for making me a happy grandma. Cool

It makes my friends fell like they don't even know me and it is fun you should defiantly get this app Amazing!

Selfie camera Face Mirrors The Soul Power Of Projection very useful in emergency Nitasre Raj. Worth a go!

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