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Love this game This game is totally awesome whoever made it has a very creative imagination .This game is also very addictive because although it deals with your vocabulary it is still fun so it makes education fun and this game deserves full five stars. Works perfectly

This game really does deserve five stars. Just started playing and I'm already hooked. Not bad

brill game BUT I was doing really well untill I got to level 51 when it wouldnt allow me to continue the game. it says network error even tho I have no probs with my internet and im still able to get on all other apps PLEASE SORT THIS OUT Well done!!

A nice game click on to pass a few moments, gets harder by the time u reach level 400 though Fantastic

Good…. But Absolutely fed up of ads every second puzzle then when I try to exit the ad I get booted back to map. Would pay to remove ads! Awesome

I'm stuck in level 108..cannot open when i use internet..please help me coz i love this game.. Worth it!

I'm up to 229 and there's a problem I can't go pass because the letters r wrong could you please correct these asap Recommend

I purchased coins and it charged me but after I purchased them I didn't receive them on the game .. I tried to refresh the game it didnt work ... I uninstalled the game started over completely and now it won't let me even watch videos to get free coins ..... Not happy about it Enjoy it!

It is good but hard and it ask you for a lot of coins when you want to solve it Amazing!

So far so good! I love the animations! I also love how the game gives you coins daily without having to answer questions correctly. That's gonna help a lot when I get stuck. Omg

GREAT GAME ABSOLUTELY AWESOME I only just got this game and I already love this will obviously be my new tablet addiction Worth it!

See it say it Good thinking game. Only downside is some answers took me a while especially with different accents Cool

Reduces boredom It's a great game for people who enjoy thinking about things. But recommended for 11+.

Marilyn Loved playing this but stopped at level 139 saying network error cant understand while

Keeps the brain matter going Can't put this game away addictive isn't the word and certainly keeps the brain matter going!!!

Great,but.... I'm addicted to the game, but I've got as far as 448 and it's now just saying Network Error. All other apps are working fine. Sort it please.

Good game Great game to occupy your time. Not enough coins earned per level to help when you get stuck and the hints are too expensive.

Awesome game I loved this game. Have completed the 500 levels please add more. Highly addictive. wow lol

Not too bad so far... Just started playing and its already making me think. Def a good time killer...and exercise for your brain Worth a go!

Another great game by the folks at Poptacular Puzzles aren't so hard that you can't figure them out with a bit of thinking, I love Love LOVE this game! Waiting for the next 500!!! Enjoy it!

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