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It help remove the virus in my phone because it told me what was giving my phone the virus Marvelous

This security app looks around and is on guard wen you DON'T think of doing the job! Its on the job!! Recommend

Makes my phone run way better. Took the glitches out and let me know if harmful apps needed to be discarded or not downloaded... I like it best of all security apps... Worth it!

Its one of the best I have used as it is just too special to be ignored. Thanks to the people or group that found out this app Well done!!

I am the kind of person if I can purchase the app without ads I would if it is reasonable. So how about it? Enjoy it!

I think this is very useful and I really like using it. It is a really good tool for getting rid of junk on your phone Pretty good

I absoutley love this app a virus was in my phone and i didnt know what to do and i searched up how to recover and get away the virus in google play and this first popped up and now everything is fixed thank you Great job

Finally this app is made for Android , great work developers, deserve 5 star, every thing going perfect in my Samsung Galaxy A9 ❤ wow lol

This was AMAZING this not only cleared 2 viruses on my phone but also sped up my phone and freed up A LOT of space Fabulous!

Best Antivirus, I tried 4 different app and out of all only this one caught the virus, Amazing app. Good

It worked I guess.. but I feel like all of these apps and pop up ads are fake. Like it says it found 7 viruses, u need to install an app, how bout this one. I feel like its all fake, but better safe than sorry. Must have

Omfg I literally thought that my phone was GONNA DIE LIKE DIE LIKE NEVER COME BACK TO LIFE bc my phone started BEEPING IT WAS LIKE ALERT ALERT YOUR DEVICE HAS 4!!!!! VIRUSES and I was like WHAT Good

My telephone had a lot of of viruses. But when I download the App no more virus on my dìvice.Thank you guys. Keep up the good work. Not bad

I love it my phone had a virus and my friend told me about this app and it got rid of the virus. I LOVE IT Worth it!

It works pretty easy just to many ads and always offering more apps of with the same features Perfect!

I 'have just downloaded this app and I'm excited to use after reading all reviews Go well

My Mobile has lot of virus and any virus remover not properly remove viruses in my mobile.But security elite has remove the viruses 5 star

Actually my phone was so jam....but i downloaded this app...and it cleans all my junk Pretty good

بخاطر فارسی بودن خیلی خوب وکاربردی هست درکل نرم افزار خوبی هست وبه همه توصیه میکنم Flawless

It has the best features needed to keep your device completely secure. Security Elite is by far the greatest app that I've found and used so far. Muito bom!

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