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Really enjoying this one can't wait to go further, out on the sea. Couple of times I've used something right and it didn't work, but eventually it did. Highly Recommend.

Same old Same old don't bother I would like to say how great this game is but it isn't. All you do is go from area to area finding bits and pieces that usually cannot be used in that area so you bring up the map and go somewhere else to use one piece of the inventory. Endless searching for a piece if glass or a bit of string does not a game make! Even when something is locked away tight in a vault and takes some time to get it out thinking there must be something of great value in it only to find it's a box of matches doesn't make sense. The storyline has nothing to do with what you actually have to do. Artwork is lovely no complaints there. Controls don't work some of the time but when you click the hint button cause you think you're doing it wrong it directs you to do what you've been trying to do all along except this time it works. So frustrating. Even if this game is on sale just don't bother it isn't worth it. Cool

Story flows. Mini games are not to hard, but make you use your head. One negative is in the HOG. Some of the items are on the edge of the screen making them almost impossible to see. Worth a go!

Graphics, gameplay, controls and storyline are well done. Has a fast travel map, but no journal. Length is adequate, though the bonus chapter is rather short. No issues. Great!

Yes I like this game, I am really into hidden object games with a story line, not bad for a 73year old. Keep them coming and thank you. Highly Recommend.

Every bit as good as the first one. Was an excellent value at the sale price & still would've been good at full price. Great!

Good game, but I feel that the demo was too short to decide to buy the full version. wow lol

Sea of Lies I decided not to buy the game the reason being the graphics just weren't my cup of tea. However I thought the game was probably going to be very well done. Fantastic

So far a good game. When I first saw the price I didn't think I would buy it but after the free trial I decided to. I still think it is rather a lot to pay hence the four stars but I am enjoying it. Not bad

Yes Hey Eipix...You Guys and Gals Hit it a outta the Park Again!! Great Game, Great Story, Great Music, Plays Well...just a Great Accomplishment Overall and We Gamers Reap the of Your Labors!! Thank You For All Of Your Hard Work!!! I especially89 [of [l enjoyed the p for the Water Globes and the after the Regular Game was over I liked searching for the Souveniers!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK EIPIX!!!♡♡♡ wow lol

Good game has interactive map. Will purchase on sale. 4 stars because $5.00 is too much to pay for a game. for any game. Superb!

OMG... One of the best games ever!! Was worth the $6+ .. Graphics. Game play. Story. Hogs. Love solving riddles. More than puzzles. Great variety in every Hog. Loved how you could finish collecting glass balls if you didnt collect all throughout the game. Also being able to collect shop/collections at end. WOW... more of this please. Def worth the money. Not like other games... over priced. Brilliant

Val Played this game before paid once don't want to pay again please put a new game on Pretty good

Brilliant! I enjoyed it so much!!Perfect length,interesting puzzles & storyline.Love Eipix's games,well done guys! Muito bom!

NO DOUBT THAT BIG FISH ROCKS Just wanna see more M.C.F. GAMES!!! (PLEASE & THANKS) for all your hard work and great service....not to mention the people who work for BIG FISH you all ROCK Perfect

Sea of lies burning coast Would have given a higher score had it not locked up. Good graphics, story line, HO were GREAT. 5 star

Sea of lies burnt coast I liked this game more than loved it. Map really good as was the storyline. I always like the match three in the hidden object games. Would have liked better animation of the characters and didn't get sound on the cut scenes so it took away some of the atmosphere of the game so to speak. Other than that a well done game. Cool

Sea of lies burning coast Good games. Like most of these types, soon your looking for items you have no idea what to do with. Still fun tho. Not bad

Great games I always look for big fish games. They are the best!!! My one wish is you would give some full games for free, just once in a while. Not all the time. Hint, hint!!! :) Omg

Not bad Good game. Hogs are good, some mini games we're confusing . Game froze a few times but saved progress. Story was incomplete. No answer of why. Perfect!

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