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Finally! A screen-recording app which isn't so intrusive. It doesn't really offer much but as for me, that's all it needs to deserve 5 stars. Flawless

This app helpex me out go subscribe to my channel at collab games its a blue profile picture with CG in tge middle Great job

really needed this because mg channle is based of roblox and I couldn't record with a phone and this allows me to have music playing and me playing!!! Thanks Go well

Best App For New YouTubers Like Me And Pro YouTube And My YouTube : Really Good Steaks c: Enjoy it!

muy love this app its very good for me to edit and upload to youtube and my vids always look great with this app Works great

I love this app I use it to make YouTube videos and others and it is just very useful now thanks for who ever made this app Must have

I think i like it because I don't do viedos on YouTube put it like to pretend so ya I like it a lot Worth a go!

I am a young YouTuber and this is my recorder (when I am recording mobile video games). Works really well, and audio recording ACTUALLY WORKS! Only one problem: pop-up ads. Please someone get someone to get rid of, or lessen the amount of said d ads. Please. Awesome (besides the ads)! :D Well done!!

I like the app itself, but when I try to keep the widget open, I keep getting ads and getting random trips back to the Google play store for unwanted apps that are still in the development stages. I'd like to be able to keep the widget open if only I didn't get random ads or if it didn't take me to the Google play store for watching a video on YouTube or trying to call or text my friends. That shouldn't be a thing. I can understand if I were getting it from the app while I'm on it and I can actually sit through it, but not if it's just randomly giving me ads while I'm trying to text. Awesome

Gave it a 3/5 because of tooo many ads and less editing tools and poor audio quality the video recording is good and the videos are easy to handle Not bad

I have vivo mobile but here is just screen recording without audio... But app is really amazing.. easy to... There is only 1 nagetiv point.. of too much ads... But it is a useful app. Worth a go!

The problem is that there where adds that keep popping up & I think this should be given an update on the app without any problems with adds 5 star

It is intuitive, straightforward and flawless. Make sure you start your recording with source of viewing in mind and also maximizing viewing area of original recording. Fantastic

The first time i tried taking the video an add showed up right in the middle of it then when i got it to work it made the sound different Superb!

Loved it thisbapp is so great I could use almost every single day thank you who ever made this app you great tech skills so make some morebok these kind of apps. Go well

I went into this all blindly and I love it! Me and my crime use it quite a bit, but maybe if they added video editing kinda like I movie it would be 10 times better Well done!!

Soooo, I found one app that was great accept it wouldn't record ANY audio. Was glad to find this one that records my voice...but it didn't record the game audio?! I wouldn't recommend this app to aspiring YouTubers that wanna do Letsplays. 5 star

Sound The sound was awful. It wouldn't pick up what the sound was on my phone of what I was trying to record Fantastic

This app is awesome. Its so easy to use and I like how you can shake the device to stop recording Awesome

I really love this app but there is a problem: 1)Add 2 types of audio 1st is for game only and 2nd for both (game and our voice) 2)Quality of the video even i put 720p - 1080p still laggy 3)ads keep pop up And the things you also have to add is livestream for people who play on mobile... Btw i still love your app but please change the setting if its good i give 5 star Cool

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