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Terrible had the free and wanted to upgrade but when I bought it it still said I had the free trial. Would rate 5 stars if I can get the upgraded version. Edit: had to uninstall origial app but leave the one instaled and re installed it and it now works and it works great! Works great

The way the app worked perfectly on my phone, I am tempted to think some people are paid to leave a negative review. Well done!!

When I bought the pro version for recording,it uses the mc on the device to record then merge them and that does not work well at all. Also three out f four times it failed to even produce the video, so I had to repeat 4 times.. So frustrating. I am requesting a refund Omg

Flawless Screen recorder well worth the money. To Anyone that says they bought this and there is no app shortcut thats cause this is kust the license for the real app which is separate. Great!

here's the thing, I thought you can record the ACTUAL audio in the phone NOT my MICROPHONE by buying the license. or maybe it's just because my phone is still in KitKat i dunno.. wow lol

best its worth to buy, this screen recorder app near ZERO PERCENT to failed to save ur recorder, many apps others several times after u save ur record the video cannot be played, but this one absolutely work, thanx develiper Brilliant

Works very well. Everything works as it should. Never encountered any problems with activating the licence ( it does so automatically). Device : Xperia Z ( C6603 ) with Android Lollipop (5.1.1). Superb!

Audio Please add function to record screen and audio internal only.5 star if this function add on update Enjoy it!

Really good For those of that can't get this to work, you need the free version AND this version for the paid features to work, or only the free version without this for only the free features (which suck, so I got this.) Would be great if you added better video editing. I don't recommend for people who have laggy devices and want to record in high quality. Omg

The Best for YouTubers! YouTubers, I recommend this app for game recording and for any "How To's" Videos.... This recorder is HD and it is in high quality. Go guys, get it! Muito bom!

Ok i guess pls help I bought this, so that i could record my face and audio, but when i hit record it immediately stops recording, it worked before, so please help me find out whats wrong. Well done!!

It might glitch some times Well if you find it not working or just not turning on delete it and downlode it back Fantastic

Love it This really makes my YouTube channel way better thanks allot I'm your biggest fan Great!

Loved it I don't understand why people keep wrote bad reviews, I don't faced any problem like people told. Some people said this app have no launcher icon..oh come on, this is just a license app to unlock Pro features, what you have to do is downloading the main app called "Screen Recorder" made by NLL dev. Some people complaining about getting force closed or laggy, but before you complaining it's better to check your RAM usage, your CPU usage and your phone specs. Fabulous!

So far so good I have a galaxy s4 which is pretty old. Works good. The quality is there and records my audio with it perfectly the way I like it. Worth the $1 Go well

Love this app! Using the nexus 6 (Android 5.1) this app works great for screen recording. All these bad reviews must be from people who don't follow the very clear instructions. Not bad

Nice App but....! Very nice App but still need some improvement. Banner text should movable & clickable. Means we can't move the banner to our desired position, nor can click on which is behind the banner. Not bad

No audio recording Skype video calls The app crashes when trying to record while using Skype. I'm guessing both apps are trying to use the mic which is why it crashes. Any fix? Perfect

Great app It's not that I saw ads anyway, but Screen Recorder is a great app! I'm glad to be able to support the developers like this. Fabulous!

Works perfectly! I currently use a non North American phone and at first I thought I needed the licence to get the FaceCam recording working. If FaceCam doesn't work right away make sure to check your phone's permissions to allow it to access your camera and you're like. For the little extra money it's actually worth buying the pro and having unlimited recording Plus the extra benefits that come with Pro including the overlay and the advanced pause control. 5 star rating all the way & great app guys. Flawless

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