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Omfg I love this app. I actually thought it was going to be a scam but I was wrong, VERY wrong it litteraly puts a video on your phone Flawless

This app good but not good because. I think one more fetcher in searching option Not bad

I really been looking for something like this thank you guys you really made my day Great job

This app is amazing your wallpaper and lock screen will be a lot better then before I love the app I recommend you download it best wallpaper app I've ever used Surprisingly

Really great app with many great wallpapers. If you want a great wallpaper than I recommend you using this app. Marvelous

Is there a way I can pay to remove ads? It's annoying considering it's on my home screen Well done!!

It's working on my home screen, but not working on my lock screen....!!!, help me... Worth it!

It's really cool, but it's a bit buggy with the lock screen ones. It wouldn't let me type in my password at first, so that was worrying. Great job

Really cool app The wallpapers are high quality, I personally like that sick dragon ball super wallpapers Must have

It's great app but still needs a little work but more improvements (more anime) and it'll be fine Good

dude it's pretty cool add some wolf's and dragons to the collection and it'll be even better major props to you Fantastic

Great app has a bunchof amazing dragon ball wallpapers and really cool animated ones as well overall so is a five star! Awesome

Really cool wallpaper big Dbz fan here. Just to many ads. Had to uninstall. I would defiantly pay 99 cents for it. Just remove the ads. Ads just kill the experience. No ads five stars. Perfect!

I think y'all really did a great job with this app, its alot better than most screen locks I've used over the apps, to much ads, but this is perfect, I showed my friends & family this app they actually loved it but couldn't download it ... Is there anyway you can make it iPhone compatible or compatible with other phones as well? Other than that thank you for a great job !!! Enjoy it!

Alot of stuff in here such as dragon Ball super over each marvel etc and all the pictures moves even some videos Amazing!

An amazing app, easy to use, just a little more adds but worth the effort, phone - 1+ 5 Not bad

I am a huge fan of DBZ...n this is the best wallpaper app i have used till now!! LOVE IT Superb!

This app is really cool at first I thought it was a lie but then I tried it is it a 5 star Fantastic

Also I might have to report you because you have to many anime screensavers in the cartoon section and that's offending alot of people so get theanime out the cartoon section and place them in the anime section such as Pokemon and anything else animated and made in Japan. Cartoons anything American made Fantastic

This app is great just got a Bardock wallpaper and it's great. It's actually live and not fake. I really do recommend this app it's amazing !!! love it

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