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Great game but it has ads after EVERY play. After you've played a few dozen games it takes a full minute to open the app and most of the time it locks up. It's gradually getting worse. What's worse is the app sucks your battery down. From fully charged to zero in 3 hours on a phone that normally lasts 2 days without playing Scrabble. *** New problem *** game kicks you out after every play after several different ads have played. Very annoying having to wait for the app to open after every play. Not bad

It's a very fun game. Unfortunately there is a very large design flaw, the forfeit button for the game is in the same position as the back button for the phone menu. This has resulted in a lot of really annoying forfeits that should never have happened. They should really fix this. 5 star

The ad implementation is catastrophic. Ads cause me to have to quit the game every 3 or 4 turns as the ad doesn't load and never gets to the part where I can skip it. Just hands indefinitely. So far it seems to be the Carv ad and another. I will update with the other one when it comes up again. Please make a paid version or make the ad experience more seamless. I shouldn't have to repeatedly quit the game to keep playing. Perfect!

The game takes forever to register my moves or freezes up daily. Very frustrating. Please fix the bugs. UPDATE: Doing a lot better, thanks for the fixes. Update2: Much better with each new fix. UPDATE: Game freezes on ads. Won't let me return to my game! UPDATE: Continues to freeze up with ads. I have to uninstall and reinstall it, which fixes it for a short time, then it freezes again. Very frustrating. Highly Recommend.

I love scrabble but this app sets up a player to have a bingo, sometimes both players are set up but that is rare. ES can control large portions of the game through uneven tile distribution. If you play this often you will see how it is a great platform for scrabble and a nice format with the dictionary available. Omg

Ads at top & bottom of board, some of which are not silent. Therefore, I recommend turning off Sound in Settings, as these can be startling. Often unable to play due to error message: "Unable to connect to server, despite active Wi-Fi connection. This is usually fixed by shutdown & restart, or an uninstall of app and reinstall (if you do this, your ongoing games and stats reappear.) Overall, very enjoyable. Play everyday and usually have 10 games going simultaneously. Great for expanding vocabulary. Smart is Smart! Enjoy! Well done!!

Your ads are blocking the review of play also you cannot remove ads only if you turn the app off and on again which lengthens time of play in other words get rid of or get rid of long ads... also there is no way to communicate with Developers on the mobile app platform some sort of short cut needed but the game is fantastic minus the ads Brilliant

It's scrabble. Fun and fast to start. My major grievance is that their are a few ads that pop up that have a bad interface making them unclosable, requiring you to restart the application. Surprisingly

Addictive but with lots of ads for an already wealthy company. I would b happy to pay for a "no ad" version But there is none! When the ads pop up, I can press the back button & they r gone instantly. I finally got use it which is why i upgraded my review to a 4. I still dislike the board ZOOMING after every play on my mobile. I prefer to see the full board all the time which can b very helpful. Also all words r not included. Gaelic & cajun r n any American dictionary except Hasbro's! Ur an old co. with an old dictionary. If we must deal with ur ads at least update ur dictionary. Thanks Flawless

I love playing scrabble. Don't even mind the ads. But a recent new ad from alldoc jams up the game. I am unable to get out of the ad or go back to game. It locks in place. Please review this and correct the settings or remove this advertiser. Cannot play with this ad popping up. Works perfectly

I love playing scrabble online. However in the last couple of months the ads that pop up do not allow me to continue with the game unless I restart my tablet. It now takes a long time to play a game with all the restarts. Perfect

Love Scrabble, not liking all the ads! I'd be happier with less ads. Does not make me want to buy what these businesses have to offer. If the ads were more random I think it would make a difference. As far as the game I've enjoyed playing it. Amazing!

I like this game a lot! The best word option is helpful along with the teacher mode but I appreciate being able to switch it off. I have not played scrabble much before this app. I don't understand what the letters on the background tiles mean. 5 star

Loved the game but too many add and one ad will not close so l wasn't able to go back to the game. If I left the ad up for a few hours or overnight I could get back mamake couple of plays then same thing again. Cool

It's bad enough that there are so many ads but then every other ad gets stuck on a black screen. I have to close the app & restart it. Unacceptable. I love the game but will eventually have to uninstall. Great!

Love playing the game. But recently, ads have been added that can only be escaped by getting out of the game and getting back in. Beyond annoying. These ads have ruined the game. For instance, S Marketing Institute; Cinemark Movie Club - just two that freeze the game. Worth a go!

The ads are intrusive and lock up the game repeatedly. The ads intermittently have sound, so I cannot play in public. Love the game, but may uninstall it. I don't mind ads at all, but in this application, they are wildly unpleasant. New version is worse than the first, although glad the music is gone. Not bad

Love scrabble, and the ability to have it in your pocket is great also playing against the computer is fun and quick. The adds didn't bother me at first but now they freeze and I have to close the app and restart it to be able to continue play. Every add is doing this now. This sucks and its making me hate the companys that are on the freezing adds. I think that's the opposite of that they wanted. Good

Enjoy playing... but ad after every move is annoying and half of the ads FREEZE the game so you have to force stop the app every few minutes. NOT COOL! Great job

It's a great game. I really like it, even with the occasional glirch that wont let you connect. Usually that issue is resolved within a few hours. However, there are a few ads lately that simply will not close out. I know it sounds picky, but the ad mentioning Marvel's new movie "black panther" does not have an exit button and the link to "ad choices" to report the problem doesn't work. A few other ads have similar issues. It is very annoying to have to close out the game and reconnect to continue playing. Great job

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