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Start game, GAME FREEZES, play a word, GAME FREEZES, try to collect daily reward, GAME FREEZES, try to submit a word..... GAME FREEZES, try to open app, GAME FREEZES. You spent more time rebooting the game than actually playing it. Out of thumbs down I give Worth a go!

Crashes frequently. I'm lucky to even get one turn in and then it crashes. Very poor love it

I love playing scramble and it's addictive but annoying as it keeps freezing especially in practice mode. Please fix this. Surprisingly

At 1st is very fun till when I reach level 16 the robot start to let me wait for my turn for more than 10 hours... Fantastic

Its annoying if other players do not continue the game for a long time. The player should be disqualified after several days of not playing and the player who nudges gets the win. Muito bom!

Love this game but sometimes finding that the games freezes. Black screen. Have uninstall game and install again. wow lol

Back to 5 stars. Game is now playable after update and seems to have improved after the update. Great job

Great game and app BUT every time I now try to finish a game by playing the last time I press submit and it just doesn't play. It stays there and doesn't end the game or play the word. If I play but not all my letters it's fine. I need to restart at least 10 or 15 times for it to go through. Highly Recommend.

am addicted however when I go to start a game through "match me" more often than not I am paired with no one. it's annoying resigning as while it's searching no one joins in. Amazing!

It keeps hanging after you play the practice mode. Had to off and on the handphone each time that happens. Please fix that. Otherwise this app is great. Marvelous

Are those animal avatar are real person? Or just a robot?im curious. Because they play fast and they dont respond to messages. And where can i find a REAL player? The app is good btw. Thanks. Works perfectly

I was thouroghly enjoying this game in till the ads came into it. Why no ads for the first couple of weeks playing it to now there's an ad between turns... 5 star

Enjoy the game but getting sick of getting to last tile.and the game.jams and won't let the game finish. Superb!

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