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I use this app daily, I find it to be the most accurate weather app I have even better that NOAA. The fishing time look very accurate as well at least from an activity point of view Highly recommend Enjoy it!

Love this app for weather and the barometric pressure. Usually right on and love how it shows where I am!! Surprisingly

Need to add graphs of pressure, temp, etc. Hourly data isn't good unless you can show it graphically. Must have

Used to be a great app. But now it has notifications that can't be disabled, and too many ads. I don't need it that much. Uninstalled Perfect!

Not a bad app, unfortunately another app has you guys beat so I lost interest in using this one. Fabulous!

Good overall. On my previous phone it included depth contour's. I no longer have that option. Must have

Was hoping to be able to enter GPS coordinates manually. Then I could go to them on the water later. I did not see a place to enter location with GPS coordinates . Pretty good

New app for me. So far it has been usefull. Would like it better if i could enter in coordinates to get weather info for that spot. Worth it!

Pretty cool app so far haven't used it a ton I check weather and feeding times and mark fish catches Fabulous!

Would have given 5 stars, but needs lake topographey and be able to change units of measurements Worth a go!

Cool Does what it is supposed to do and more you can mark hot spots while fishing works offline Surprisingly

Good App Gives me what I need for my local area. Helps knowing conditions at my favorite spot wow lol

Need updated satellite pics Everything works fine just the satellite picture when it comes up is close too two years old Fabulous!

Works for me Love this app I can look over the water and see all the sandbars and find channels to get place to place without bottoming out Works perfectly

So So. The only thing I would like to see more of is, peak feeding times & moon phase's for fresh water species... Amazing!

Very Helpful Tool! Love the wind cone.. doesn't always hold true if wind swirls where you are hunting, but it's still a pretty good resource. Nice options with regaurds to being able to log, and mark spots, trails, etc. Perfect!

Great app This app send to be my favorite fishing app. I can deal with ads so I don't have to subscribe to anything. Finally a fishing app where I don't have to pay anything! App works well too! Go well

Was better, now it is just okay Used to have depth charts that made the value of the app better. Now it is significantly less valuable having to pay for the data. Tide tables are missing and are of significant importance for any fishing along the coast. Now for the positive features, the ability to tag spots on the map and include details and descriptions about the spot is great. Add in the ability to save all of the environmental data for each fish you catch to help you repeat your success in the future. Great!

No Celsius? Could not figure out how to get temperature in Celsius. Might be an oversight, or might be because of the cryptic user interface. Lots of great features regardless. Must have

Awsome app This is easy to use and understand. Setting points of interest and way point like traps or bedding sights is awsome Great job

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