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and stomps every other fishing app into the ground. Brilliant

Good app, cool features! This would be great for sea fishing or big lake area fishing. But i live in rural ks,around waconda lake and the map isnt updated enough. Pretty cool to check the barometer and weather though.

The Fishing App Killer!! This app has it all, and stomps every other fishing app into the ground! Finally an app that logs barometric pressure, shows conditions, tides, weather, alerts, you name it! None of that gimmicky "logic" other apps have that claim to "tell" you when fishing is ideal. Make your own informed decision with one app! I am only giving this app 4 of 5 stars for two reasons, neither of which are deal-breakers, but more for efficiency. First, this app should to be updated to allow for offline maps. Google Maps has native support for this. Pull from any offline maps first, that are stored on the SD card. Second, GPS fires a bit too much, causing unnecessary battery drain. Would love to see this updated, so that GPS only fires when you select a "detect my position" button.

#pimp-your-phone Good App but it needs a little more.! Need to be able to add a note to each catch. This way you could include trolling speed, lure color, lure size and other details of the catch and conditions. A pull-down for water clarity would be helpful too.

Great app! Log catches .....holds weather info r u kidding me .......I got the deer log one as well and use it constantly......huntlogix does it again ...

#google-maps It is a good one, but but needs some detail! Lots of fish species to log but none of the bream family. I'd like to see them added. Also the ability to add fish from the fish log as well as to delete mistakes.

#rain-or-shine? All the help I can get!! I am looking forward to using this app to help me fish better. God knows I need the help. :-)

#know-your-location Speedy!! First this is a very cool all in one fishing app . Tides for surf, drift direction for boats, local weather and saves your favorite fishing locations . Retrieve those with tap of a button . The weather function here (automatic to your saved locations) is just as fast if not faster than dedicated weather apps. They jumped on a minor issue I pointed out and fixed right away. Just maybe, maybe one day this will have individual lake charts, depths , docks hot spots etc . Fav fish app already!

Loving the app! Scoutlook does it again first the scentcone for wind direction and now this fishing app. Can't wait to see what's next. Recommend to download ScoutLook® Weather FishLog APK.

Great fishing app Radar included! Everything I need in one convenient application. Radar, fish log, weather forecasts, all well integrated in a very easy to use application.. Recommend to take ScoutLook® Weather FishLog APK.

Awesome App!! This app is great! It performs well for all the things I would want in a fishing app.. Recommend to get ScoutLook® Weather FishLog APK.

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