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I am ashamed. I mean, of all the games Mdickie has created, this game was second best. Superhero game was first best. I have came by an incident in the game in which it was the end of school. I stole somebody's cash and was reported for it. I actually had won the case and was back at the music shop again. Before I could do anything, the person who reported me had punched me in the face and I fell into a bike. Some other random lady came up to me like "u better pay 85 for that bike". I only had 75$ first of all, and it wasn't even my fault that somebody punched me which made me knock over the bike. I selected the "it wasn't my fault" choice and she said she would report me. Since I was on the ground already I knew their was no chance of escaping. I didn't attack this random lady or anything she just attacked me and reported me. She actually said she was reporting me for stolen cash, which was the other report case I just went through which I won, and this time I got hit which caused me to damage a bike. What do you mean stolen cash?!?!? You wanna know the cherry to top all of this off? SHE WON THE CASE. >:( Enjoy it!

I like the game. The only thing is, I don't like to get bullied hahaha. But I know it's part of school life. I also want you to ads weekends, bullies(the typical bullies), the nerds, the jocks, and many more. Also, why does my parents beat me up? Fix those please. Thanks. Overall, I give this a big thumbs up. Well done!!

I will always love this game. I just wish that you guys could add some of the new things that you have on the newer games onto school days Great!

Lol. Everyone is complaining about how the game's not fair but that's part of the fun. Like people try to steal your stuff and hit you but it just makes the game more funny and interesting. It would be boring if nothing happened. I love this game. The only thing I don't like is the classes take too long. You should make it so it just shows a cutscene of your character going to class. Other than that, great game. Just wow

Zaid my name It my favorite game but game two equal divide 1 fighting 2 cycling and bike I love it game Good

Yes I know the payment Is little to upgrade to private but it sucks to have limited days unless your in private plz make it so you don't have to pay to have as much days as u want besides that the game is so fun I love it Pretty good

Those people who are arguing just don't know how to play it there's a map to show u. U people are always arguing about something Great job

The game is great. But if the characters could speak out loud and their appearance were nicer, it would be very fun! Just wow

You should make an animal game where you play as an animal of some type! Like a Wolf, Fox, Dog, Cat, Bird, Snake, Deer, Turtle, Mouse, Cougar, Lizard, etc. And make it multiplayer if you can! We shouls also be able to latch onto prey (NPCs or other players) and kill it! Also, please add being able to make packs and herds! I would rate ALL of YOUR games FIVE Awesome

I liked this game..... but.... Their is a bad thing, when I am at home and I need toilet. I've to run to the school. Please do something. Superb!

Hey this game is awesome so is the other mdickie games i like the game "wrecked". I mean sure it may suck because of the graphics but just try it you'll like it. Enjoy it!

The game is fair enough I really like it. But to keep it more fascinating and interesting, add features like the football pitch were students can have an interactive ground for football and other Activities. And add Saturday and Sunday to the school days to allow students rest a bit on a good weekend and then return back to school on Monday. And in the neighbourhood there are no cars and I would suggest that sometimes pupils should be allowed to go for a tour maybe at the museum .....and add more places in the neighbourhood to make it more interesting to play. Lastly but not the least, please work on the computers because every time I try to use them it gives me a negative response that the network is not available. Thanks! Surprisingly

Great game! You can take your anger out by beating someone but some teachers are really unfair and accept bribes.Lol ( most of the girls are ugly except for Cassandra) Good

This game is so quirky and hilarious that I will always love it. It might seem hard or unfair, but I think that makes more entertaining, plus, you can take your anger out on people. Definitely get this game! Recommend

I think I love it because it's like in real life but the bad thing is that school is so hard and you need to be perfect to get girl/boyfriends Go well

Amazing I love The Graphics And it's hilarious The people are ugly Funny and that say hilarious things (Make MORE OF GAMES) Cool

Oml this game! Is amazing when you BUY IT i extremely love it tbh , when u buy the game it gives u full control not only towards your character, but to the rest of the school, only thing tho i wish it had a command to do some teaching for instance i made my character into a teacher there is nothing to do just wait in class and watch the students sit there lol it be cool if you add some commands also it is pretty funny in many ways my character's father is a student due to getting in trouble Perfect

Really good and great fun!Byut how do you become a Private student so that you can change your age, name and look? Surprisingly

I like the game but pleease add more features like you can fight in the arena can get prisoned if you murder someone own a store and etc This is is so good love it

This game is great but I kinda more like it if you guys can make a family life game...that'll be an most awesome game Superb!

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