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This is one of my favorite apps I have ever had BUT there needs to be way more stories. I only had this app for two days and I finished all the stories. So please if y'all can add more that would be great. Omg

The stories were so good but the grammar was bad and got cut off. Great for sleepovers but I think I just ran out of stories which stinks. Great job

I shat my pants Must have

My favorite story was the Jack of hearts. I love all of these fantastic scary stories. I made my own story just like the Jack if hearts and it was a success. I printed my story out and had the whole school read it. Everybody loves it and asked me to make more scary and horrific stories just like that Enjoy it!

Super Scary stories but some funny ones too. Great for Sleepovers with friends but i would not suggest reading these in a basement with no windows when the lights are off. I did that and now my throat hurts ut it is super fun! (Because i screamed with my friends so much) Recommend

Omg, the BEST app ever! I recommend this book to Everyone! The evil smile was so scary. Usually I'm not really weak in storytelling but this definitely was the scariest thing i have ever seen. Highly Recommend.

Great stories. Only thing I don't like is that it needs more stories. I've read all the stories it contains. Other than that, this app is great. Amazing!

The perfect girl actually terrified me cause its realistic and so shocking the ending I was not ready for also Jack of Hearts was supper good as well Omg

I loved it all. But, I read this super late at night; 4:47 AM and it really scared me. I noticed how it was raining, but, whatever, great job and I hope you change your spelling mistakes and add more stories. I truly admire scary stuff. love it

The stories were REALLY scarey and interesting I loved reading them to my sister in the middle of the night lol 5 star

So scarey i was horrified i had nightmares the one with the boyfriend that kept his girlfriend like his mother really scared me Omg

Dark sleep was the scariest omg the i so did not see that coming i really like the stories. Great!

It was awesome Awesome

Lol lucky I'm watching this at day the jack of hearts really scared the heck out of me, but I'm waiting for more you're a great writer love you! love it

As I was reading The Shyco, as it was getting more intense my heart beat got faster and faster and when I was almost to the end it felt like my heart was beating out of my chest so that really scared me, I pray that I won't have nightmares after this Worth a go!

Some story's are really scary some are moderate others are just plain unbelievable. Do not read this at night in bed if you are paranoid though. Works great

This scared the heck out of me. But one question I'm hoping you can answer. In the jack of hearts story you kept on cutting off the sentence at the word door and in the Jessica story you cut off a sentence. It makes no sense. I'm wondering if you could answer my question but I still rated 5 stars. It did it's job. It scared the pee out of me. lol Amazing!

It's a good app, good stories sad that there isn't to many stories maybe in a future update you could add more stories Omg

It was really scary I loved it but once you read all of the stories they don't have anymore. I mean yeah if you read 1 story a day then it would seem like 100 but it was so interesting and fun to read and see what happens i couldn't stop myself so I just kept reading then the next thing I knew I was out of stories. Not trying to hate they are wonderful stories just wish there were more. Fabulous!

I made my mom read one of the stories and she didn't pick the phone up the whole day Just wow

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