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This app is really helpful but the response for new items is not good. My 3 requests are still pending. Please try to respond early because we really wait for it, and please try to fix the camera focus. Jazak Allah love it

Easily avoid non-halal produts. Hope more people will get full version and scan halal can get improved data base Great job

Very convenient. May Allah give you jaza for it. I was confused with one thing however. I scanned a buffalo wings frozen pack and it said halal even though there was only chicken mentioned in it and no info on how it was sacrificed. Also there was no halal or kosher symbol on it love it

Good innovative idea so 5 stars the camera doesn't focus could u add the option to upload pics from camera roll as a alternative or fix the camera issue if u can other than that thank u Marvelous

When ever i enters into store, first thing I do is open this app, Alhamdolilah I am satisfied that I am consuming Halal ingredients Enjoy it!

Whenever my family is doubtful, I just scan the barcode & there satisfied.. Best App Brilliant

This app good but I want ask why I use gluten scan on product name celebration choclate gluten scan give me result that have gluten avoid this product about scan halal give result no have any gluten you can use it it's halal? Brilliant

As I want to avoid halal meat or food, I am hoping this app will help me avoid all halal marked food and halal snuck into our food chain by stealth. I am not avoiding pork but was unable to change this option so could not give higher score. No animal should suffer unnessessarilly, where fear, trauma' pain and suffering occur in slaughter, the meat is then corrupt evil and dirty. Not bad

Asalamo alalikium I was wondering did you know that some of the items on listed have pork in them and some are not the correct item now I am not sure whether to eat items I scan so please contact us as soon as possible if Allah wills 5 star

Good idea, but items are very less, need more items. I helped by scanning a few items but still haven't got that item listed. Also it would be great if we can search products by name or category in the list. Please keep it up. May Allah accept your efforts ameen. wow lol

In order for this app to work like everyone wants it to work a massive support is needed by everyone. Think about all the products they have in stores in order to get this app completely useful we need to actually take the time to send the developers pics as they request. The developers need to fix the focus on the camera who will stand in a store for 10mins waiting for their phone to focus. Of course the developers don't have 100+ people working to keep up with all the new products being requested by users however; we all need to be patient and work together to make this app work because in the long run this is a very important app to have. Awesome

There's a bug with the custom dietary selection...I accidentally clicked on an ingredient I don't want included and now I can't turn it back off. Every time I do it just re-enables itself again. Perfect!

the app is really good when working sometimes have problem it would not scan product and the data base needs to be more updated Cool

Was very useful in US but not in Canada. Can't find any product. Autofocus problem should be fixed too. Marvelous

Very useful app. Needs to load and have more products on the app for us to have verification. Good

Very useful, includes a great variety of products already. What's even better is that you can add products and they will check them for you, and then add that product to their database! Recommend

Thank you for a great app, it's truly a blessing and a great addition to my home alhamdoulillah. Jazakum Allah kheir 5 star

Thank you for the sacred service. I hope you better your database to include all the available products. Omg

Very great application that I can trust in the US to check the products. The only improvement I can suggest is to make it offline which I think it will not be easy because it will require huge space due to the database. Thanks for for this great app. Worth it!

We need more information And update sometime app not working Thanks for this Job Brilliant

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