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Wow! Makes it very easy to point my handheld antenna at amateur satellites, during portable operations.

Awesome The fact you can just tap on a dot and find out a lot of information like height above or below the horizon and it also shows you a picture and a description of the satellite including launch date and launch site. Worth a go!

Excellent Southern Stars is THE BEST. Best in product. Best in Dev responses. Thankyou Perfect

Praise for Satellite Safari, and suggestions for improvment Satellite Safari is a great app; glad I bought it. Using the intuitive menus, I configured the app to do what I wanted with minimal fuss. I observe geosynchronous satellites using large telescopes, and it's handy to have an app that'll download CelesTrak ephemerides then calculate azimuth and elevation for geosats based on the tablet's GPS time and location. Two problems, though: (1) The Object Info screen shows azimuth and elevation rounded to whole degrees, but the telescopic field of view to appreciate geosynchronous satellites is smaller than a whole degree, so a person must hunt around for the object. Please enhance the app to display azimuth and elevation in degrees and minutes. (2) The app's magnitude predictions for geosynchronous satellites is more dim than the observed magnitude. The app shows no geosats brighter than mag 17, and most between 17.1 and 18, whereas by observation they range from mag 9 to 14. Here there is room for improvement. Besides those two issues, thanks for a great app! Fantastic

Works awesome... Picked up a sat with my 2M handheld first time out! Good

Too dark I like this app. But the side of the globe in the shadows seems far too dark to see anything. Or am I doing something wrong ? Cool

ORSM APP! Brilliant application. Ideal for satellite spotting and of course getting the times of ISS passes.10/10 Muito bom!

Can't use it! I love the app but suddenly it gives me license verification failed and closes all the time... I can't use it anymore! Buyer beware!

Wowza!!!! Looks amazing on my tablet... super cool to see how many satellites there are and every which way they orbit us!! Awesome app! 5 star

Excellent app! Another excellent app from the folks who brought us Sky Safari. Superb!

Do not support! Bad business practice! You should have taken better care of your existing SkySafari customers when selling to Simulation Curriculum! Really bogus! You should be ashamed! I'm sure this app is abandoned as well, or you sold it to someone else who will charge us all over again. Do not support this greedy dev!

Great Dev! Great app! The visualization of all the satellites continues to blow me away. Well done!!

Awesome app Love the all in view mode where you can see all visible satellites currently at your location. Pretty good

Great application for satellite track ing Great for tracking International Space Station, used on several Samsung devices , Meg phone and now Note Pro 12.1. Tracking information is as perfect as possible, the only thing that I can't be controlled is local weather conditions. The number of satellites in earth orbit is mind blowing. Surprisingly

Best on android Best satellite app available on android. Highly recommended it to anyone that wants to track satellites in the night sky. Beautiful app that is handy to have on those clear nights under the stars. Just wow

So cool Like a tiny Google maps that happens to pick up satellites and stars. Cool

Tal como se anuncia realmente vale la pena, recomendable para detección de satélites y recreación, solo que es de paga. Must have

Must have Not quite as useful as skysafari but still a must have. Recommend

Great Addition After enjoying Sky Safari, the best astronomy app, Satellite Safari is the perfect companion for extending your knowledge of the sky. Great fun and a superb education on the world of satellites. My newbie operating problem was promptly solved by developer support. Works great on my Nexus 7. Highly recommended! Recommend

Works great worth buying ! No regrets buying this little gem of a program. Whenever I show a new person just how much stuff is in orbit around our world it just amazes them. Awesome

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