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I love this game some much I just love both of them the Sara's cooking class even though my name is sara Muito bom!

Its a good game...I played on my pc....but for one thing guys please download or play "RACHELS CAKE:KITCHEN GRANDPRIX" that's the best game ever.....please do try and you wont cry Go well

Well, the way to getting the cake the best,listen to the instructions.normally, the cakes ingredients say ,however when i first played it i didn't have a hell of an idea how to play. There is one special tip, Have fun! Thanks for listening! Fabulous!

This is the best cooking game.Not just only you can cook but also read the recipe and method and make it at home. It's graphics are also excellent.l suggest everyone should download this game. Marvelous

I never get bored playing this is the best game ever please make more Sara cooking class. Games and Sara is so beautiful All The food is fun to make because their all to awesome if you did not try it install because you will. Love it I love it more then any other cooking games please please make more like 40 more I could Rate It 25 stars wow lol

So me I'm 15 years old and I really really really love cooking and I found this game and I'm like oh my God I really like this so yeah I really encourage a lot of people to play this game I know this one computers too so I really encourage a lot of people to play this game I mean it's a great game anybody that reads this review I really encourage you to get this game is really fun and it's not hard to do at all it's really easy and simple and it actually kind of teach you guys how to cook and what the measurements are and stuff like that so yeah I would definitely try it out and yeah have my sister and me love it so yeah I really Superb!

Best cooking game ever it is so helpful and world chef game is too boring but this game you learns many cooking tips...............Loved It Good

Good but to girly I know that cooking games are usually more for women but it could use something like choice of different colors to make it that much better... it is already a great game and I injoy it very much Go well

Boring Sara will teach how to cook... But I know how to cook. Discusting ... Fantastic

I love cooking sometimes I think of cooking in reality at my home from some of Sara's ideas... Brilliant game. Thanks for making this game and pls make many versions of this particular game.....pls pls even i never get bored from such games. Superb!

I rate the game right now so yall can stop asking me to rate yall games I don't want to date y'all game.?☺ Fantastic

I love this game I could play it for hours. It is addictive and super fun. It keeps me busy and he takes my stress away Fantastic

Geared to girls age 7-11 This is tutorial app. It's very girly girl, which is unfortunate because I think boys would benefit from it. Its fun and educational. Perfect

Adorable First game that I have named as adorable this game is awesome I liked it because I love cooking love it so nice I don't have words to say in this game kids can learn quickly that how to cook its a nice game for little girls and boys even my parents like this game Must have

BEST game in the world I have played this game since 2nd grade and it is really fun and addictive also you can buy real things and make the recipes yourself Surprisingly

It's a very good game than other cooking games It is very nice game. easy to play.not only for small kids it is nice for age 5 to 10 my words it is the best game than the other cooking games Brilliant

Nice, but not amazing. I've played this game on my laptop & there it had a variety of recipes. However, th Amazing!

Loved it Best app ever., for those who likes cooking, but if u can just write the ingredients names above., when you're cooking u just forgot wht were the ingredients.. ♡ ♪ Enjoy it!

Phenomenal Simply GORGEOUS for teaching food and cooking vocabulary via #gamification This is my favourite cooking App in all the store. Magnificent job! Worth it!

Good deal The first time I got this game, it had only certain recipes in unlocked. But now, it has all the recipes available!! Superb!

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