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I love the potential of this app, but tbh it frustrates me often bc the background sound that is so useful in calming me often cuts out and stops playing randomly... I'll be in the middle of a meditation and suddenly the sound will stop and all I can hear is the voice. Then my anger bubbles up and the meditation becomes pointless bc I'm too let down to relax. I only paid for a month and was considering a year but this is too upsetting for me bc it happens far too often, so I will likely go back to the free version until this bug is fixed. Fabulous!

Incredible app for getting insight about you and your mental health, as well as your overall health. Reframe your thinking, track your health habits, and countless other ways to personalize your own path to wellness. I love this app. Well done!!

While i absolutely love this app even when i have only been using it for about 4 days. I have a complaint about not receiving all the messages in the groups. When on a pc you can easily refresh the screen to reload the chat, you can't in the app. Try implementing something like that please? Its very annoying to need help but you cant see the messages of support someone sent to you. Thank you Enjoy it!

This app has helped me learn what triggers my anxiety and why. The meditations are easy and guided which also introduce practices you can use outside of meditation Great!

I been having anxiety for the past weeks, I downloaded the app some days ago and with a little help of myself and the app wellness simulation, I been doing better, I hope it keeps getting better. You have to be consistent in the app, is like a diary so it can work much better. Thank you so much. Cool

this is such a great app, it has helped/encouraged me to start talking to mi familia and mi amigos. It also shows how my moods improved or dropped GET IT Works great

Very helpful app for depression and anxiety. I knew meditation is helpful but I was not doing it but app helped me to feel doing it because of interface and nice music. Highly Recommend.

This has been very helpful in tracking my feelings for my use in therapy. It is easy to use. Surprisingly

Fantastic! Would recommend anyone with anxiety, depression, social anxiety, and people who like having a place to plan goals, focus on what's important, have a place to journal, meditate and track your mood! The extra journaling techniques are amazing! I really, really wish this app had a calendar I could look at and put specific goals on specific days. Please look into this! I would suggest that anyone would benefit from this free app, but the paid version is so worth it! Recommend

As someone suffering from bipolar, this app helps me track my moods and take care of myself Must have

Having experienced depression and anxiety for over 13 years and only being 23 years old, this app had given me an outlet for my feelings (that I usually suppress) and a way to set daily, short-term goals that I usually battle to achieve (getting out of bed, etc). Thank you Pacifica Perfect!

Absolutely LOVE it! The meditations are fantastic, and it's already having benefits in real life situations Marvelous

Its a great way to keep track of how you are feeling and has a really relaxing meditation part. The hope board is honestly the thing I use most though to help remind me to keep going. Pretty good

Has free and paid features. I'm only using the free version right now, and it's been really helping me to keep track of and better control my stress and worry. Would definitely recommend for anyone that can't get actual therapy Surprisingly

This app has really helped me stay focussed. I could never do diaries or bullet journals because I'm not wired that way, but this app does all that for me. It's worth a go, there's enough free content to help most people starting out. wow lol

Before I installed Pacifica, I have been going through tons of stress, anxiety, worries, and overthinking with thoughts that cannot go away. With Pacifica, I can select my mood, set goals, meditate, take deep breaths, write hopes, and more all in one! Thank you so much, Pacifica, for making me feel so good! 5 star

It's... Okay. Very limited if you're too poor to afford any unlockables. I almost feel like there's no point but I'll give it a little bit longer. :/ Flawless

I love this app my favorite part is the support from other people. They have Ptsd chat. Enjoy it!

Overall, I like quite a few things about this app. There are a few things I wish it had. For example, you can set goals for yourself. I would like to be able to set goals that involve multiple steps so I can check off each step that helps me arrive at my goal. (If my goal us do something every day for a week, I want to have goals for each day of the week and then the big goal when I do it each day of the week.) I like the simple customization features for health. I like the thoughts activities and brief meditations. love it

Nice to talk to other who have similar experiences. Wish it had option of DMs. Really Connected with a few people! Superb!

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