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Does what it says very well. To improve it please add SMS/MMS backup. Always use sandisk. Best memory available. (Anyone want to by a couple of cheap sd cards I once bought?) Edit. Since i wrote this app has been downgraded to only use sandisk memory sticks. Hence 4 stars. Would pay for this if it was universal. love it

Before installing app my tablet couldn't even find my SanDisk drive. Now I have access to photos I haven't seen in years! Thank you so much! the app is super easy to use too. Surprisingly

Have not used a two way memory stick yet but the app. is phenomenal moving data (files, photos, videos, apps that can be moved) to or from an SD card. Has a restore function. Well thought out with automatic or manual backup. An excellent addition on any phone. Thank you to the developer(s). Superb!

The phone RCA isn't compatible to use the usb. Sandisk was still downloaded as an upscale manager. When it was time to retransfer drive app photographs onto the cellular, there was no download as it goes direct to the galery. Consequently, not having to think more about the Download compartment in surplus of memory. There, the elimination of the photos would of wiped all from the cellular, even those processed for and in the gallery. Thnx sandisk for being to the point professional; k.p. Recommend

Getting it to Link was a task some PDF do not open properly. Please twerk to make more buyer friendly. Muito bom!

I like this app but it will be nice if there is an option to eject the otg drive. Thats the problem for this app. Omg

I've been struggling with my phone memory cards filling up to quick. My cell is constantly updating apps everyday, and saying it can't update cause I don't have enough space. Not anymore that's a difficulty of the past and now I'm enjoying the present :) Worth it!

I CANNOT SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH!! This App, along with my Cute and Trusty 'lil USB drive, make backing up my phone (and keeping everything organized), "Falling-off-a-log" easy! A couple of clicks and I'm Done! Can't beat That with a STICK! Surprisingly

Very good Lolipop android 5.1 another similar apps can not move or edit external sd card.This app works very good. All ok for move ,delete,or edit files on external sd card. Pretty good

If you use an SD card this app is must have... It's simple to use and loaded with a bunch of helpful features.... Ditch your current File Manager App and d/l this one. Well done!!

Having just started using this app today, so far it's great. Now I'm able organize all my files and move them to other devices with ease. Great!

SanDisk memory zone is the perfect companion app for it's hardware. ie. Extreme SD cards, the Dual-Drive. Also works great at organizing my storage mediums. Cool

running out of space on my phone is no longer a problem & sharing my files to other devices no longer requires a wired connection to both. The Bonus - it's easy to use for us "non-techie" Love the app! Perfect!

Simplify the use of accessing my memory disk When using the different file types to control contents of the phone it was often a difficult process being that they would not allow me to do certain things or even access different folders and files Daughter easily accessible deleted or modified with this app. Awesome

Good for helping to manage and organise files. Easy to use layout. A few improvements would make it even better. 1) ability to select folder, found in search, and move/copy folder, and sub-folders, etc. Currently all I can do is drill down in to tbe sub-folders. 2) Scroll bar to enable faster browsing when you've got long lists. 3) Ability to browse back to previous folder level of search results instead of top level and having to search again. Good

This is a very easy way to back up your devices. Choose from auto or manual and many choices where you want it, SD card, internal is so much easier when stuff works like it says it will. I lost all of my pics, docs, data, contacts last year after a bios update destroyed my laptop. It was all will only happen once. This app is great! Set it and forget it. Works great

On board back up is fast & simple to use once you give SD card access permission the app. Moves stuff off the phone to clear memory too. Just wow

Everytime I take a photo, it is saved in the sd card, but when I delete the photo from my camera, it also gets deleted from the ad card. This shouldn't happen, but it does. What am I doing wrong? Recommend

Finally an app that really is easy to use! This is ideal for those of us who aren't too tech savvy & need small, simple steps to accomplish each task. wow lol

thank heavens. I have had trouble on my Galaxy trying to figure out how to get my things to automatically backup to the cloud or Dropbox. This make things so much easier. Just a touch of 2 buttons and I'm ready to go and feeling so much better about having everything backed up Worth a go!

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