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There's many features I would like to see for this app. One a login option. Two a quick way to find that one missing pixel that you forgot to color. Three a way to show all the colors at the same time without scrolling. Four locking finished colors so you don't accidentally over color. Five an option to show non colored photos for easier search. Six thank you for such an amazing app, it's one of the best if not the best coloring app. Pretty good

I think its awesome. Everyday you get new pictures to color, so you never run out of pictures like in some other coloring apps. Its also fast and easy, and the pefect thing to do when you're bored. love it

I really like it, the only problem I have with it is that you need to pay to get to color all the images. I find it kind of unfair. Also, one thing that really bothers me is that even when you have colored a box the appropriate color, you can still ccidentily color it again with the wrong color. If it was made so you couldnt accidentally do that, this game would totally be a 5 star. Also, please make a seperate list for the ones i haven't colored. It gwts very bothrrsome having ti scroll so far down ro find ones i havent done. Other than these few problems, I really enjoy it, it's a great time passer. My favorite part is watching the relapse of me coloring it, it's so satisfying! Surprisingly

I really like this game. I play it when I am bored. I recommend other people to play this. The only thing I don't like about it is that some photos cannot be coloured and I don't appreciate it. Go well

This is a very nice app Superb!

This is app is amazing. I've had it for a year now. Every single update that has been added I have loved. Especially the new update where you can now customize the Sandboxes to whatever color you like. I think what would make it even better for some is having the ability to change the color of the animation Sandboxes. Either way, I love this app. Keep it up with the great work! Perfect

It is very adicting and you can search for anything you want and they will moast likely have it. You can even search for hard or detailed and it will give you loads of things wow lol

The "30" notification badge will not go away. Have checked all app settings/permissions and phone settings. I open the app and the badge goes away but within minutes the "30" badge is right back on the app. Had to. Hide the app so it wasn't constantly on my screen with the annoying "30" badge screaming at me to check notifications. Great job

I think it is very fun. The only thing about it is that you need a membership to color some of the pictures. It is kinda like color by number. If you have the chance I would play this game. To me it isn't addicting but more like fun Brilliant

I just want to say I only have one minor issue with this, but it doesn't make me like the game any less. I've noticed on my iPad I can touch to clear. Say I color something that's supposed to be a 3 with a 4. I can tap it again with the 4 and it will go blank. I cannot however do this on my mobile. I still love the game, perfect time waster, fun photos and smooth running. The having tap to clear on iPad and not mobile kinda messes up my flow at times, but again I don't really mind. Brilliant

Heya! I've been using the app daily now for months, and I have a few ideas that I'd love to see in the newer updates. First, fix the fact that when you search for images, even the ones you HAVE done show up gray. Second, would it be possible to make a diffrent tab for pictures you haven't done or something? For people like me who have done most of the images, it's really annoying and time consuming to find some that you haven't finished yet. I love the app and will continue using it. Thanks 5 star

It's so fun! But are you guys serious? All the good ones are locked!! And what if your a kid that can't pay for that sort of thing! So selfish. And you need more foxes! Pretty good

Very addictive fun for when your board good travel came only problem needs internet to work make the game wireless so we can use the app anywhere Awesome

I love love love sandbox I have downloaded it on all of my divices the only thing is I wish you could do all of them instead of some you have to pay for some of them Worth it!

I think it is really good because you can colour it in without even worrying if you go wrong. Plus if you do go wrong there us a rubber to rub it out too!! Superb!

Every thing is great expert for the coloring pages that you can't do if you don't pay and so of us people don't have the money.?! Great!

I love this app. Great pictures to color and most are easy. Only thing I don't like about it is if you've done many pics you have to scroll through all the one you have done to find ones you havent. Worth a go!

If you didn't have the white out and and when I tap on a wrong number I have to white it out so I would give 5 stars 5 star

I love this game i play it wen im bored and my friend plays it to.i just really enjoy this game.and any ome out there who likes games like this u shpuld get this game Great!

I like this game. It's a good time killer,I find it relaxing and it's available with or without internet. The only thing I don't like about it is that the premium pics are too pricey. I think there should be picture packs that let you choose what pics you want to do out of the very many premium pic choices. Or even a picture pack where you get to choose 35-40 pics for a price of around £5 maybe £7 at most. But aside from that,great game! Highly recommended! Could you also put in some more pictures of guns from various video games? Like call of duty and battlefield? And more famous females please? But don't make them premium members only though. The premium pics are also more better than the non premium ones which stinks. Would be nice if the Devs actually made it more equal. Good

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