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Love it all, I ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ that no adds! (Probably since I payed for premium..) btw, I have a bug where my device is tilted one way but the sandbox is not going with my tablet gravity. otherwise adore it, OH! AND BTW! u guys said in 2017 a new update would come. It's 2018 now bruh Great!

I'm kinda unhappy with this game just a little because you have to pay for the premium stuff and ther isn't much to do without it and I don't wanna pay for it, is there a way for me to get it free like downloading more of your games?! I really do like this game but like I said I might not have it that long because there is not much to do on it I need the premium stuff! Thank you for the hard work on this game but it is not enough to satisfy me fully, anyway let me know what's up!... Pretty good

This game is Sooooo awesome there's no words to describe how awesome this game is except "awesome". -UPDATE: It's 2017, Where's those new features? 4 Stars. -UPDATE 2: Now 2018, 3 stars. Marvelous

Its good, but I think I dont have some of the materials shown in the screenshots like the snowflake and the plant besides the saw dust. Also I didn't get one thing , in 'tips and tricks' it says 'rotate the sandbox and the horizontal toolbox exposes 40+ tools and materials'. How can I rotate it? Good

I have played this game for soo long now and i love it my only problem is u have to buy things but as the creator explained he has to earn something from it Perfect

Its great! I dont care if you have to pay for stuff, its super cool! The explosions and the acid are amazing! 5 stars 4EVER 5 star

I LOVED IT IT IS AWESOME I LOVE HOW U CAN MAKE THINGS EXPLODE, but... i dont know why we have to PAY for the AWESOME stuff!! Am not giving 5 stars untill it gets free or at least cheaper! Awesome

This game is Sooooo awesome there's no words to describe how awesome this game is except "awesome". I don't know why but I love making candles. UPDATE: It's 2018. Where's those new features? Go well

Sand should get converted into glass. Need more reactions and formation of more complex substances. Need features to make and identify our own new substances in the three or more states.Thats all. The game is nice and interesting. Thanks. Cool

Very addicting and fun. Lol at the people crying about the $1 upgrade. But yeah, you should add the little stick people like the old computer version. wow lol

Like having a wonderful chemistry of your very own with which you can perform thousands of reactions. Each combination of elements produces unique results. Adjacent experiments interact unpredictably. Wonderful, relaxing fun! 5 star

Very Relaxing! Just watching the acid mix with water, then the black hole making it disappear is sooo satisfying! Definitely recommended! But the stuff you pay for.. Its kinda dumb. Like, pay for this and this and not satisfied, yeah, just get rid of that. <3 Perfect!

As far as falling sand game clones go, it's not bad. Gotta pay for some the extras, solid game physics, doesn't freeze. It's worth the download! Muito bom!

This app is actually really great. It has a decent amount of stuff to play around with and I just bought 8 other things for 99 cents. You can mix stuff together to make cool bombs and you can rotate the screen to mix everything which is great. I hope there is more stuff added soon because I'd pay for more items. Keep up the good work dev Well done!!

Awesome. Late to this, lovin' it! So simple, so effective, becomes mesmeric. Would've been great in hoffman2000 lol. Great job devs. Reckon it won't be long before I have to check out the premium toys. Looking forward to it evolving further... Muito bom!


I LOVE THIS is very addictive and somewhat educational.Showed it to my teacher see said that she will install it and show the class about the water cycle,Plants,and chemical and physical reactions. Must have

Very good. You can do many experiment and try things and see what happens and comper to real life. But need to pay for cool stuff which is bad make it free plz but other wise perfect. Brilliant

A way to get creative and make some nice stuff. Paying premium does give you a lot more ways to do stuff, but not paying for that, it's still fun. Pretty good

So I really love these games. They are so relaxing. The only problem I have with this one is the water. Why is it mixed with salt water. Hard to make the plant grow. Unless I'm missing something. Must have

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