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I use this app to record my voiceover for a show I do on Twitch. Of about a dozen methods I have tried, this is by far the best. I has auto-gain built in, so no matter how loud or soft I speak, the level is steady. And there are no ads to get in the way. 5 star

Really useful app, I use this a lot to record songs & ideas. I would give it 5 stars if it had an undo button when editing. If I make a mistake I have to start all my editing from scratch but if this gained an undo button it would make this app excellent. Awesome

Trying to share files via Bluetooth to my computer. It set correctly and sent one file ok. But now it keeps trying to send my files to my coworkers computer... despite his computer not being on my shareable devices list!!!! Works perfectly

Why do I need to give my contact info, photo, etc for voice recording? Don't like that, but otherwise it's fine. Pretty good

it is very usefull app. I use it frequently. but I hope Samsung adds the cloid storage backup . I have to manually move the files to Google drive every week. it would be so nice of they add auto upload to cloud which photos and videos have. also it will be nice if they make it like Google photos, which once it is uploaded to cloud you can still see it int he list. when we want to play it, it will be streamed back to phone. hope smansung developers read this post. Just wow

It is a fully functioning, easy to use, voice recorder. Not much else to say. 10/10 great job! Perfect!

You it's great of a app because you can like record your voice and then you don't have to like write something down in your memo you can just record it and then let's say I have a basketball game at 7 today so boo and then you know what you're doing later love it

بله همه ی شمارودوست خودم میدونم فقط یه خواهشی دارم گوگل پلی بالای صفحه ی موبایلم ننویسه تازمانی که سرویس های گوگل پلی روانجام ندهیدفلان برنامه اجرانمیشودمن روبحال خودم بذاریدبسه بسکه بهم ضررزدیددنیاداره بمن فحاشی میکنه شمابجای من کل موبایلم کنترل هست جز،لوازم شخصی من محصوب میشه آرامش روازمن گرفتیدتوی راهنمای سپرایمنی گوگل پلی من این برنامه رودیدم برای همه ی حرفهام دلیل ومدرک دارم عجب سپرایمنی نوشته بودهربرنامه یاسخت افزاری دستگاه شماروتهدیدکندسپرایمنی گوگل پلی ازآن جلوگیری میکندوبه شمااطلاع میدهدمن داعم درحالت تهدیدشدنم کدوم اطلاع Amazing!

I got me a new Samsung Galaxy j732G Prime kind of curious why this option wasn't on this cell phone as a regular Metro PCS app or Samsung app. But the last three phones I had I love it. Brilliant

Will claim there is no audio detected and show no waveforms even though the audio is just quiet and far away(still audible when played back), otherwise perfect! Omg

why dosent it come with all Samsung phones from the beginning ? never the less good app Cool

This is a great app! I recorded different random stuff and it works for all of it. The only improvement I would recommend is that you make it possible and easy to make the recordings into ringtones. Awesome app other than that! Good

It's is a very good I think because I use it... it's so good ..I give 5 this ... it's good Perfect!

The best recording app ever .... would have been better if the app was available in other android mobiles. KEEP IT UP Samsung electronics co. wow lol

Has repeat, bookmarks, variable speed playback slider (up to 2X), skip muted, & you can cut out portions you don't need. Perfect for choir members! And free, and no ads! Works great

Has repeat, bookmarks, & you can cut out portions of your recordings you don't need. Surprisingly

Am i the only having issue with,how its recording ? Slow ,i mean the volume,sometimes its normal .really annoying .there is a time everytime i record , slow until the end . Great!

I like that it not only records my voice but is able to convert it to text It,s like having my own personal digital Secretary Good

This app worked well. Voices were clear.This recording was very important once in a lifetime. I don't understand why it stopped before the end of the session. I missed quite a bit of session not recorded by this app. I would really like to know why did it stop recording before end???? Surprisingly

Interview mode missing in my samsung A5 2017 that have 2 microphones please add thanks Works perfectly

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