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I'm sure it's fine. But Samsung Smart manager on the other hand is anything but! Is there an undelete option so I can get ALL MY FRAGGING PHOTOS AND MUSIC BACK ON MY MEMORY CARD! You need to free up some device memory to update it said. There's loads taken up with music & pics it said - but it was looking at my men card too. WHAT'S SO SMART ABOUT THAT? 5 star



I had a constipation once, this app helped me push it out. Much better than any other commercial laxatives, and it's actually free! I wholeheartedly recommend this app for anyone, constipated or not. 5 star

Now with the Push service i am not mad anymore for Samsung being 2 years slower than others to update their Android Version. The last update really made my S6 really pushy, and i don't even need Nougat anymore. The Push is so strong in this update, that i don't care you have your software guys working on this instead is delivering android updates on time, and not 2 years later. It has also "imporved" my life on every aspect. Just wow

Not bad


From the day I purchased Samsung Galaxy S-III, I always wondered 'bout this PUSH service, but nevva found the answer. I requested NASA to have a look at it..... What they came to know was a SHOCKER !!! Scientists detected a WORM HOLE in the space which was emitting some sort of signals.... That was nothing but this PUSH Service..... Looks like some alien species from the other galaxy billion light years away from us are really PUSHing Samsung devices very hard !!! Ammazzzing !!! Cool

Just wow

Must have


I suggested this app to a couple sea captain friends. They messaged me back with accolades and tears of joy. Although they still require harbour pilots for channel navigation ; they have all been able to dispense with the tug boat services required to turn their ships in harbour and dock. The icebreaker captain has now cut paths to both poles. Great job


Great job


This app has imporve my life so much thanks to the pushing feature now i no longer need to physically push the door. I can just point my phone at the door and it pushes right away. I basically feel like jedi now but in this new patch i feel like its responding little slower, now it takes around 1 sec more to push the objects. Thankyou samsung for changing my life and please fix the mentioned bug soon <3 Perfect!

Works great

wow lol

S'sGN4 • Far too soon to tell if it's done/doing/"pushing", anything! ! But. If I do; "get pushed" into updating 2/5☆'s, you'll be the first to know! Ur hard work's appreciated. Worth a go!

I ran out of gas on Interstate 16 at 2am. I was 22 miles from the nearest gas station and didn't have anyone I could call for help. THANKS to this amazing app I was PUSHED to the gas station but then couldn't find my credit card nor did I have any cash. That's when I found out that this app will PUSH me anywhere I need to go. Haven't had to buy gas since having this AMAZING app !!!! Keep up the good work !! Cool

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