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Make it stronger. I enabled this and tried to push my car up the hill but it refused to move. The IR blaster shot a lazer beam and blew my car up. Please optomize the weapons.. I just want to push things up hills not be a supervillian Worth a go!

Description is very vague but you figure it out soon. The app is designed to help you with your morning bowel excercises. It works. Put your Samsung mobile on your belly, ask the Samsung Assistant for a friendly PUSH and you are ready for the toilet in seconds. Brilliant, please add flush service as well! wow lol

I was just getting ready for a by-pass surgery on my heart but with this app it seems I'm feeling better now. Thank you Samsung, my phone capacity is aldo over exceeded for apps that are critical like this one. Enjoy it!

Not sure if this is related but after I updated this app my sister became pregnant?!? Worth it!

Please add the ability to be able to move the App to the SDcard. Thank you. Brilliant

This app has greatly improved my car's fuel mileage, as all I have to do is set my phone on the trunk and let Samsung Push Service push me wherever I need to go. Very ecologically friendly. Amazing!

I have samsung galaxy s5 with android marshmallow , when I turned my mibile lock the wifi stop working and when unlock it it starts working properly ,i also check advanced wifi settings and "always on wifi during sleep" is activated plz tell me why this error occurs Awesome

I'M SO SICK OF BEING PUSHED AROUND!!! sorry just venting. Can u please update my pull app cus I'd like to pull more than I push ..thanks I'm off to download the new Samsung hammer app! Highly Recommend.

It is annoying half time it keeps saying Samsung push service has stopped even though don't use it I just keep it on my tablet Enjoy it!

Someone needs to push a sense of humour in the direction of Hank Fitzgerald's review Superb!

While I'm pulling, this app is pushing. Thank you Samsung, I need that in my life. Pretty good

The people who think that a lot these reviews are funny are apparently very easy to entertain. Flawless

Go well


Works perfectly

Works great


Highly Recommend.


I had never tried a push update before, but Samsung let me have the first one for free. I can honestly say that I'm now completely addicted, this app has made my life so much better. So much so that I've stopped answering the door to friends, I don't contact anyone, I'm living off tins of beans. At this rate it'll be more addictive than my heroin habit and I'll be turning tricks down at the YMCA for more updates. Must have

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