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How about the first small push? I have only begun to mildly push back. Wait til you see what this app is really capable of. Worth it!

This app is wonderful! I just love pushing with this service. I was wondering if you could add a pulling service also? Works perfectly

This app is great but I have a concern. Every time I set something on my coffee table, I see my cat grab my phone and fire up this app. Needless to say my mug/pistachios/model train kit/Jenga / etc ends up right on the ground. Can you add a feature to block cats? How can the cat even bypass the fingerprint scanner?! HOW?!?!? Perfect!

Thanks Samsung for providing such a helping hand, this has changed my life completely by pushing things around for me. All i need to do is just open this app n place my Samsung phone over the object... and voila... object pushed. Just a minor fix is suggested... can you please add a pull service to it.. sometimes this app remains active while my phone is in pocket, and it keeps me pushing every now and then. By the way thanks alot.. Great!

Superb! This app turned my phone into a drone that flies by itself, only problem is I'm struggling to answer my calls. I have the voice activation on but I don't think it can hear me over the propeller noise. I'm going to try running upstairs and shout out the window, hope it works. Enjoy it!

For those of you who don't know what this app is for, try reading the description instead of asking in the review. Do your own homework, you lazy idiots, you're only declaring how dumb you are. Sheesh. Pretty good

awesome outstanding amazing its really nice application i really like the way off notifications keep going on guys i really really like it cheers mates Recommend

brightened my day up reading the reviews, so awesome i cracked up. keep up the good work. Amazing!

Me and hank Fitzgerald were walking to work this morning when i saw this app had an update, so i updated it. Hank fell into the street as if by some unseen force. That bus driver couldnt react fast enough. Otherwise, great app! Great!

This needs some serious fine-tuning. After the last update of this service, I took my phone out in an elevator. And all the floor buttons lit up. Stopped at every damn floor, and now all my co-workers hate me. Thanks a lot, Samsung. Great job

Thanks Samsung.. my car broke down in Devon whilst on holiday, stuck in Devon and I live in Yorkshire so...I enabled your wonderful application and my car made it all the way home. Awesome! However I have stopped walking anywhere and have been warned my weight is spiralling.. so it's not all roses.. Perfect!

Love this app! I work in a store of sharp pointy objects and poisonous creatures. My co-workers and I use this app to send each other push notifications which the enables our phones to abruptly shove someone in a random direction. Sadly after a co-worker send another a notification he was shoved and was knocked into an old lady who fell into into a display of "hay in a needle stack", poisonous scorpions, discounted refurbished syringes, and puppy figurines make from glass shards. She later on died. However, she clearly ignored the do not touch signs so we're not liable. Anyways we enjoy this amazing app! Thanks samsung for not lighting my phone in fire. love it

Another push from samsung to move to an other brand next time who does not force updates and apps. You earn 5 stars for this samsung and for the ability to place by miracle apps on a phone. O and by the way what does this app really do? wow lol

My woman never would have made it as a midwife without this here app. Set it and forget it. Thanks Samsung!!!! Not bad

It had been three very long and uncomfortable days... Got a notification for another new push update. I knew it would fix all my problems. I proceeded to the bathroom and was able to incrementally push out a 3.133 pound(forget which version) miracle. I even named it... Krappelious, son of Kohler. Thank you Samsung... without you and you're push updates i would be lost in life. Works great

Gave Me Gas..AND I LIKED IT! After installing this app my scabies turned into skittles! I can't stop eating those delicious yellow colored skittles! My wife looked at me and was like oh my! I was really embarrassed at first but she was saying oh my over how much money we are going to save on Halloween candy this year. Worth a go!

Early morning i was so prepared to go to office. Running down to the bus stop and saw the bus was out of gas. I was so confused seeing some of the passengers standing behind the bus and holding their phone. Then i realised it is "Samsung" they are holding. They quickly asked me whether i am using samsung as they need one more phone. I quickly said "Yes!". Then after a while the bus starts moving. While we are holding the phone and running behind the bus. Seems like this apps helped us to push the bus till arrived. I have reached my office, health, and sweaty. Thank you samsung for installing this app for me. I wouldnt know what to do if i didnt have it installed the day before i went to office. Perfect

After updating this I was able to download 4 gbs of ram! Now my phone is on fire but boy is it fast. 10/10 would get treated for third degree burns on my hands again. love it

Well, it all started on a calm wednesday afternoon. I"m sitting here in my undies because its god awful hot in here today when I saw this get an update. Now I'm thinking, do I have a virus or something? Little to my knowledge did I know this app would save my life. Not only did it cool my house down, but it also saved my phone from dying. Im beyond grateful for this app and thank you for updating it for me. Must have

At first I was clueless to what this app is for, that was until my tablet miraculously shoved me roughly down the stairs. I am in the hospital now and am lovingly gazing at the app that can do what no app has done before, push me down and ignore me. Highly Recommend.

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