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Oh, wife's been driving me crazy lately, so i suggested we go hiking. While Me and the wife were over looking a huge cliff inspiration came in the form of Samsung's push service. With the help of a push i watched her fall 220ft, lifes better now, money in the bank. And i owe it all to Samsung, thank you sammy Fabulous!

I'm getting choked up even as I type here goes. This app is nothing short of a miracle as it helped me pursue and follow my dream in obtaining my PhD in toothpick design dynamics and manufacturing. Long story short. I've changed countless lives and even brought back people from the brink of death and dispare. Colgate tried shutting me down by informing people brushing is enough and toothpicks cause food addiction and obesity. Please people support my cause. Cool

I now doubt everything I've ever been taught to believe. The fact that this app exists... A kind and​ loving god would never allow it to happen, and a cruel one would have simply made the air out of acid. Works perfectly

It pushed me into a bedroom where a dominatrix and a body builder forced me to watch Ren and Stimpy reruns with them suckin me off, paying off my school loans and giving my roomba immortality. Thanks Nokia......imean Samsung. Recommend

Saya perlukan tema servis samsung saya semuanya dalam*versi Bahasa Melayu @ Malaysia*. ``Sebab,saya tak tahu & tak paham bahasa english atau lain-lain bahasa". Terima kasih.... Works perfectly

A hard app to judge really, as it's work is in the background, but appears to be working okay! Muito bom!

This app singlehandedly saved SE Asia from almost certain destruction from Gahzilra! Arigato Samsung! love it

It works most of the time, but sometimes notifications don't pop up, hopefully it gets fixed in the future. Works great

What a beautifully designed push service, absolutely phenomenal, best in class, quintessential, perfect, outstanding quality, exerts extreme forces in order to move objects away - pushes everything, bends light with its push, more than enough force to escape gravity - SpaceX should license this for pushing Falcon 9 heavy to space. It even pushes Samsung marketing to your device timeously, before you ask for it, pushes users over the edge. Would give it 50 stars if it pushed security updates and latest android version to my 8 month old tab Perfect!

I have been lethargic lately and decided this app could be just the Push I needed. I really do hope it Pushes me to success and riches through its enrichment and constant support. I have hope now and didn't before. Sort of like Pushing for hours only to find an empty, smelly receptacle then learning a Push in the right direction is all I needed. How satisfying is that?! Samsung, you're not just the war machine supplier and invader of our privacy they report you to be, you sneaky little devil! :) wow lol

I always thought that the app may have had something to do with pushing the dinosaurs to extinction. but since the new update I've noticed that the pelicans and the birds around here have been a tad bit happier and the Sun's been looking brighter. Now I really don't worry anymore about insignificant little creatures going extinct. How can I not thank Samsung for this Great!

Thank you sending me that treasure map to One-eyed Willie. I was afraid my Goonie friends wouldn't get there without it. Must have

This has to be one of my favourite apps. I look forward to every update so I can catch up on the latest reviews. Thank you Samsung, and the reviewers Worth a go!

After I installed this app my boss gave me a $50,000 payrise and advised me I only need to work 2 days a week instead of 5 and my big fella grew another 4 inches and Swedish blonde twins knocked on my front asking for a 3some. App is just amazing how I lived without it is beyond me and I won lotto that very weekend. Samsung push app is life changing. Samsung need one for the iPhone Recommend

I don't know what it does exactly, but this application pushed me. It's the push I need. It pushed everything I don't like away. It pushes the door open. It doesn't pull the door open, because it pushes the door open from the other side. It pushes stuff that would get my hands dirty. When the toilet was full and I couldn't get it to go down, it pushed it. And I thought it couldn't get any better, after I updated it, my phone's battery got pushed to 200%. When I was about to answer a spam call, it pushed my phone away from me, saving me alot of time and money. When my phone was falling, this app pushed my phone up seconds before falling, so that the landing could be smooth and comfortable. This app even pushes the mosquitoes away. It's service is very pushy. In a good way though Perfect

For years my phone had a slight pull and just felt imbalanced. With the latest update to this push service my phone is back to a neutral Zen state. It's a delicate balance and Samsung nailed it. Thanks Samsung! Superb!

Finally....someone who can service a push. The last push I had couldn't be serviced so I'm rapt I came across this one. If these go well I might even be able to upgrade to a shove. Just wow

I ran out gas gas today on my way to work. Luckily, this update pushed my car to the gas station, pushed the fuel into my car via osmosis, pushed the attendant to the floor, and pushed the money from the cash register into my pocket! But then it pushed 911 and I got pushed into the back of a police car. Now I'm going to push submit. Brilliant

Little confusing, not clear to understand in simple English. What does it do ? ? Please clarify... Thanks. Must have

My life is more complete now, much healthier as well, migraines all gone.. thank you samsung push service app Great!

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