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While pushing a rock through a push forest of trees, I decided to do push ups and needed something to push me to push harder.. after some Pushosauraus dinosaur appeared, he pushed me down to the ground and told me about this Push Service from the push gods.. and it pushed me to write this ad about pushing Brilliant

Is it possible to work on a fix to turn the screen on when the phone gets every notification. Whatsapp only makes a sound when the message arrives and you have to press the button to see the message on the lock screen. Also the edge lightning is not working with facebook messenger nor with instagram. Fantastic

All I ever needed in my life was a gentle push. Thank you Samsung push service for that essential push ! Marvelous

This app keeps getting better and better. It's amazing how useful it is and how much I rely on it each day. Fantastic

لطفا برنامه من در مایکت رو هم دان کنید.برای یافتن برنامه در مارکت مایکت ، کلمه ( خیارج ) را سرچ کنید. Highly Recommend.

I think it's okay I don't know exactly what it does but if the Samsung it must work. Great!

This is amazing and life changing. I would recommend this app to all. My truck was bogged down in the ditch so i picked up my phone and turned on the push service. Boom! Right out of the ditch and on my way! wow lol

I would like it to have a pulling feature, pushing and shoving is a load of fun, but every now and then i would like to yank on someone. This app pushed me off the toilet the other day... not cool. If it could yank hard, it would be so much more useful. I do like how it dispenses (pushes) toilet paper out of the micro usb port when in a pinch. The scent cover up feature had also been invaluable in company meetings, sometimes it pushes aroma too forcefully out of the headphone jack and it makes a fart like noise, that can be quite frustrating. Surprisingly

I was pushed to read these reviews and laughed so hard that i fell off my chair. Anyway to integrate a way to push me back on my chair? love it

Pushing. It's not very British. I have installed Samsung Queuing Services instead and it is a much more orderly experience. My friend tried Samsung Shove Service and said it reminded him of the Tokyo underground. Can't wait for the new Samsung Pulling app, but Tinder will probably still be better for the mean time. Perfect

Relax Sergei, people are only having a laugh. Life's too short to take so seriously! Besides, Samsung deserves a little push and shove it in their drab lives... and fact remains, some of these comments are well written and funny as hell. Thanks, I needed some levity and this did the trick! Perfect!

The question is clear here: to push or not to push. Had a rough year back in 2015 but this gave me the push I needed to survive the year ahead. Thank you for pushing me in my darkest hour, keep on inspiring! Great job

Unlike most stupid peoples review on here joking about cancer and such... This app may seem like nothing to you but you use notifications everyday and this app is part of that providing a better experience when it comes to notifications. Awesome

Since this push update my whole life has changed! Most of all my phone now works for me at my job so I get the free time to work on my hobby, collecting door knobs! wow lol

Pls release software patch for glaxy grand i 9082 from 4.2.2 to updated version to overcome hanging problem or most of apps not suppprted this version..hopes u will think about this... Not bad

After being shoved around for too long by a certain fruity competitor, it's nice to just get pushed for a change. Works perfectly

This pushed me a bit too far. I lost my temper and I broke my new S8. Why Samsung, why?!?!? A man can only be pushed so far. Well done!!

Sometimes you just need a push in life, this app offers that service and it's awesome! Works great

The Force is strong with this one. Feel, do not think.. let the Samsung Push the force. Recommend

Push it to the limit. Walk along the razors edge. But don't look down. Just keep your head. Or you'll be finished. Open to the limit. Surprisingly

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