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Purpose of life! Science and religion are nothing compared to this update. waited all of my life just to understand that human are born to create smartphone and finally this app! With every updates, humans society gain tremendous advance in civilization and technology.the next update might put human aviation possible! Praise an pray to PUSH

Amazing! Give me the chance and I'll give it 10 stars. Just got the new update. I have heat vision now! Thanks Samsung!

#wake-up-every-morning Wow! I downloaded this app and instantly everything changed... actually no, it really didn't. The comments for this app are hilarious, I really don't know what the hell this app does, but it seems to make people very happy.

#start-my-day It's like a vacation! This stuff is amazing. Just install and enjoy your trip to whatever warm beach or planet you wanna go to, cause this app takes you all the way. Just remember a towel. Thanks Samsung!

BEST.APP.EVER! I always heard with faith so much the size as a mustard seed you could move mountains and with this app I did just that this morning. While having coffee I moved the rocky mountains to idaho and back and no one even noticed! This app is truly amazing! I could never have done it without Samsung push service! God bless you!

Pull! Push is great and all but I'm excited for pull, itll be coming out soon. There's a moment in grade 8 id like to revisit. Push only lets me change the future but i need to change the past, only reason for 4 stars.

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