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I'm not sure pretty sure what this app does exactly, except show Samsung offers. I'm just a kiddo. Perfect!

I'm truly happy with the latest update of samsung push service. Just now i went to supermarket and able to get this app to push my shopping cart fully auto like an auto pilot mode while i do shopping. Last time it's semi auto, half auto cruise and half manual push.. seems like samsung understand consumer needs. And when i want to get back home, traffic jam is not a problem as this app help to push all the cars aside to give me way (the latest update now can even push trucks and bikes).. best app ever!! Marvelous

Finally. A purposed and provincial goal to spend my and my families life wealth and resources on. thank you Carl Samsung Brilliant

Pregnant ? About to pop? Wondering how on earth you're going to get that baby out? Never fear because Samsung Push is here... As labor pains intensify and you're losing all hope of ever birthing your child samsung push senses your troubles and erractically sends notifications to itself and goes into trance mode by interacting with your brain waves and your pain receptors .... and then before you know it you just pushed out an eight pounder ;) enjoy. Awesome

User Friendly, Most Necessary to Complete your everyday events. Clock, Calendar, SMS MSMS, PEAK HOURS, 24/7/365 , THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Well done!!

Thanks Samsung your service gave me the strength to push myself off a 13 story building. Would recommend to everyone Worth a go!

Nice service but mine is Samsung galaxy smartphone GT-S7582 that's why mine is black and all. But pls keep the Samsung devices like the jio phone then everyone will like Samsung . So pls do it because I like it the most . Thank you Samsung Device Ashish Fabulous!

Now that was a great pushing experience for me...once after the gave me motivation to do much push-ups and when i get can't pull me up...can you guys also make a pulling feature ? Must have

Its help me to know what is happening through notification.i feel very easy to use and getting all the information through notification for app my apolication.thanks Great!

Best app in the store. It will be even better when they update with the new "pull" feature. Muito bom!

Thanks for the update Samsung, I can now push things around with my phone. Imagine my wife's surprise when I pushed a warthog through the front door with my galaxy S8+. She was so shocked she pushed a little fart out. See kids, this really works Awesome

Last Night....A samsung saved my life. Last Night a samsung push save my life with a song. I was sitting there board to death and then in one said you got to get up to get down! Fantastic

~ 4 stars Superb!

Best app on the market! . This app saved me thousands of dollars I now own a yacht and am CEO of a fortune 500 company thanks to this app.. Thank you Samsung, expect a million dollar check in the mail.. Enjoy it!

Is great to have a pushing service on your phone, but samsung keeps ignoring my request to have a pulling service as well. Not everything in life id about pushing people, we need some pulling too. I hope this gets implemented soon, I sometimes have to pull doors to get into buildings and is getting quite annoying. Fantastic

Over 25% of ratings are 1-2 stars with issues, doesn't speak well for Sammysong... A company of their stature should achieve a 4.8 or better rating. Must have

I was a boring bald fat guy. People paid me to fart Now im awesome!! Thans samsung! Highly Recommend.

Two days ago i'm able to do only 50 push ups..but when i update push servive it push me from 50 push ups to 50000 push ups randomly and after that i become the incredible man..keep up the great work Go well

In my best joker voice..."Why so pushy, Samsung?" Luckily, the Google play refund policy allowed me to uninstall and get my money back on this app. Superb!

Nice Please improve this app function and we need more information function notification Flawless

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