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This app *&#+ing changed my life! At the store, my cart moves with no effort. I didn't enjoy a video on YT and was too shy to hit dislike, but after this update I was able to push myself through it! I played chicken in the pool and was crowned champion. Thank God for water resistance! My son was being bullied at school so I sent my phone with him and that bully's @$$ hit the ground! Thank you Samsung! Cool

Samsung Push service is by far the best Samsung app on the Play store. No other app has been able to give me the push I need to finish my work like this app. Its help and encouragement is amazing! I sincerely hope it will continue to be supported with new features, such as a pulling option (for cases when pushing is not enough). Thank you once again Samsung for this app! This alone made it worth buying a Samsung device! Enjoy it!

I have no clue....i been going thru apps on my phone...this app like many are pre installed. And like many it dies absolutely nothing. If it does I don't know what is Samsung pushing??? Superb!

I was walking down a sketchy area last night and got jumped by a gang of pullers. The app automatically activated and PUSHED the bad guys away giving me a chance to defend myself. Very useful app in situations you never expected. Keep updated!!! Great!

So useful... Just like this bloatware in Korean that I can't even use... man Samsung is the Best! The whole world needs this app oh wait they do... Not bad

This is amazing. Before this update I just could not go to the toilet. But now I can't get to the toilet in time. It's amazing. Just this morning I did a boom boom in my pants as this push update has now made it possible to just flow without notice. The Old software just couldn't push hard enough. Now I don't have to push at all. Constantly poo my pants Worth it!

I have been under debilitating duress for the past two weeks due to constipation, but then I discovered this App. It was everything that I so desperately needed to help give my backed-up dung the "push" I so desperately needed to make amends with my life. Thank you so much, Samsung Push Service, you have undeniably changed my life for the better. That push you gave me saved me from certain death. Pretty good

This application takes my problems & pushes them somewhere else. This is very useful, especially when you have more than one problem. Sadly, it always pushes on pull doors, so I have to get at least five other people to help me open it. Depending on how many things need to be pushed, the pushing gets exponentially stronger, this would be very useful for Militaries, Space Programs, & transportation, it can be used to push projectiles at high speeds, push satellites into space, & even push rolling chairs down the highway at highway speeds. It can even push hard enough to be used as an FTL Drive for deep space travel. Imagine that the entire world is helping you push something, that's exactly what this application does. Just wow

Oh my word, I thought this app couldnt get any better but lo and behold Samsung have come up trumps yet again. Not only does this update add more push to your service, it does it with the kind of style you might see eminating from chuck norris after he blows down all the three little pigs houses. I am amazed at the additional push added with this latest update and I am looking forward to seeing if Samsung can top this update of the decade? OMG.... Fiance is 6 months pregnant as I update :) Amazing!

This app should be everywhere. In supermarkets to help with the trolley, in parks for the swings and roundabout and definitely in hospitals for expecting mothers. Even the mission to Mars would be easier with an extra push. Get this app in your life. Not bad

I had lost my purpose in life. I thought about volunteering work, climbing a mountain or joining a weird sect, but it was when I tried this app that my life changed. I can now say I'm a complete person, I recommend this to everyone. Fabulous!

Funny Name I have given five stars to this app due to its funny odd name. I have no idea what this app do or what it pushes. I hope to someday decipher the meaning of Samsung push and contribute to the growing literature regarding odd stuffs introduced by Samsung. Having said that, I like all Samsung products. Perfect!

Awesome especially for constipation problems. Couldn't go #2, updated this app, and voila now I'm just finishing up with the much needed paperwork. I was backed up for quite some time but not anymore thanks to Samsung! If I made you laugh and you like electronic dance music then visit my youtube channel for fresh edm mixes it's MaNuLaToR'S MiXeS! Brilliant

I love Samsung products, hand's down, you guys rock. I will never own any other devices, if I can't have a Samsung! Just wish I had the new galaxy s8 plus, edge! I'm saving up for it, slowly but surely! The biggest problem with technology, is the wireless networks, and Samsung should be able to control the network, or have their own! Then it would be an AWESOME WIRELESS NETWORK, AND WORLD! love it

just when i thought my phone couldn't get any better, i can finally push. My chronic constipation is cured! 5 star

Might loved this awesome application I don't know if this really works. I'm just fuss if I put bad comment here, at last I'm one out of ten who loved this! Awesome

Ok y'all down here in Texas "pushing" and "pulling" have an entirely different meaning. In other words I can't "pull" if you don't "push" and visa versa. I'm so on fire that everybody's lives were saved by this REMARKABLE app.... BUT COULD SOMEONE TELL WHAT THIS DARN THING'S FUNCTION REEEEAAALLLLY IS???!!!! I don't know if I need to "push it REAL good "or push it to the curb. Will the REAL professional please stand up??? Works perfectly

Don't underestimate the power of this app like I did. I was walking down a long flight of stairs as I was updating this app. I then accidentally activated it and Ruth, the sweet old lady in front of me god rest her soul, was in front of me and the app pushed her down the stairs and she fell out head first through the window from the 15th floor. Ironically this app will be used to push Ruth 6 feet under. Pretty good

Can you add more notification panels and pls add emoji to the Samsung keyboard and change TouchwizHome into Samsung home service . And pls add An app which when you spin the spinner how much it says that much money you will get for currently on Samsung store to buy expensive apps and do something which everyone will like Samsung Fabulous!

As a longtime mobile enthusiast who avoids hyperbole, there has been no greater advance in human achievement, innovation or the combined sciences than what Samsung Push Service has blessedly delivered. As municipal water systems freed mankind to build vast, safe population centers; as miniaturized integrated circuits took us to the Moon; and germ theory begat modern medicine's advancement of longevity & well-being... add Push Service to this pantheon from which generations hence will reflect on mankind's collective dogged pursuit of transcending the impossible. Go well

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