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I'm giving it five stars but mostly because I don't want to suffer the indignities sure to befall me if I were to rate it anything less. But frankly, this app is quite pushy. A little more diplomacy would be welcome. Surprisingly

Thank you for the latest update! Now tilted pictures are pushing themselves straight on the wall. Dust now pushes naturally into the wastebasket. Clothes fold themselves. I'm losing weight. My TV only shows movies I like. Radio DJs are now funny. My hair is effortlessly perfect. Dents disappeared from my car. My boss is nicer. My friends treat me to dinner so I never have to cook anymore. Random strangers give me useful presents for no reason. Weeds are becoming flowers. Thanks Samsung! Works great

5 star

Sometimes I hate the world, it is a really mean, unfair and frustrating world. But then you see little things like this app and the reviews people post about it and it's really surprising how little stupid things like this can get a smile on your face even when things around you are so screwed up! I guess thanks Samsung, for making somehow this happens. Perfect!

Since the last update I finally got enough pushed signal boost to contact my home world and they will be here soon to pick me up! As agreed, you will not be among the enslaved. Don't forget my free Galaxy Note 8 parting gift you promised. Remember? Yes? Cool. Great!

The most useful, amazing and fantastic app ever invented! The first time I saw the holographic hand come out of my phone was astounding! Then it actually PUSHED ME! I had been standing on that line waiting to order lunch for DAYS! If it weren't for Samsung and its Push Service I would have been stuck there for the rest of my life. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Surprisingly

Samsung help! I'm sending this comment from the year 2043. You have imporved your push service too much. Tone it down. By the way, 2016 was a one off for the Cubs. They haven't finished better than 3rd place for the last 7 years. Superb!

Works great

I'm so excited Perfect!

I just imporved again! As many of you know, I was in a wheelchair, a paralegal from the waist down. I needed a push every so often. After the latest imporvement, I am now a federal prosecutor AND a pusher (wheelchairs, shopping carts, entry doors, stuck cars, constipated bowels, drugs, etc.); I don't even need crutches AND I'm protected from the DEA, as well as from law suits and tuxedos. This imporvement rocks! Great job

wow lol

I broke up with my Girlfriend. Since then I have been so depressed, not wanting to talk to anyone, basically my social life is messed up. Thanks to this update, I finally have my life back. Big Thanks! Superb!




Pretty good

Works great



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