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My life now has purpose! Im going to PUSH it to extreme, to see where limits lays, to the never ever ending and beyond that! Thank U Samsung and let's PUSH together!!! PUSH TO ALL!!! And, rooting phone allows u to stop pushing and punishing ur phone and ur selfe Go well

I don't want to write a short review about this app. Instead, i want to push myself for a better and longer review. Life has pushed me down a lot, but this up keeps pushing me up everytime. This app also pushed me to ask that girl out, apply for a job position and keeps pushing my limits. Recommended for every person who gets pushed down. Surprisingly

I was having problem pushing things. I couldn't push doors, objects. Soon enough, my heart stopped pushing blood. I was about to die when the Samsung Push Service bumped up! I somehow managed to install it. Oh My God! I have started pushing everything, again! It's a Godsent gift for the human race. It helps us push everything; even our di*k. Marvelous

It's was hectic! It had been hours! Still nothing. She had now been in labour for 16 days! Doctors didn't know what to do! Until an alien space ship dropped through the window and brought the Samsung push service hero to us! In 20 seconds flat, she popped out our sons! All 9 of them! That's almost 2 seconds a son! Thank you Samsung push service! All 11 of us! Papa tisa! Muito bom!

My big fella stuck in my gf's ####.... I was too drunk to push any further. There comes the Samsung push service. It gave me the push which pushed me to push hard and keep pushing and pushing. Thanks Samsung Push Service. But then I found that there is no Samsung Pull Service....! Oh Samsung! ... I'm stuck. Please develop a 'Pull' service. Mr Donald uses a Samsung S3. I think 'Samsung Push Service' is the app which pushed him to become president of United States. And Sergei here is angry with the performance of your 'Push' . Calm down Sergei... we are just having a laugh! Fabulous!

I think the reviews are freaking hilarious. Made it worth all the stuff it eats away in my phone, I think. I believe it does something with the notifications that I can push to read? Omg

No thank you I get enough push ads spam and useless notifications on my device already. Irritating I would prefer if this service is not working so I refuse to update. Cool

What a beautifully designed push service, absolutely phenomenal, best in class, quintessential, perfect, outstanding quality, exerts extreme forces in order to move objects away - pushes everything, bends light with its push, more than enough force to escape gravity - SpaceX should license this for pushing Falcon 9 heavy to space. It even pushes Samsung marketing to your device timeously, before you ask for it, pushes users over the edge. Would give it 50 stars if it pushed security updates and latest android version to my 8 month old tab Surprisingly

This is clearly the best app ever!!!!! After installing this app, I saved three dogs, two kittens, and four hamsters from a burning house while my clothes were on fire. Immediately after that, the most beautiful woman in the entire world who was outside watching me save the cats and dogs and hamsters from the burning house, immediately brought me to her house, made love to me for hours on end, and then agreed to marry me. So yes, this app is DEFINITELY a must have lifesaver!!!! Worth it!

Very useful app. It pushes everything. It has helped me to push and push and push thousand of times in thousand of different difficult cases. This app never gets exhausted from pushing it keeps on pushing and pushing and pushing. It basically pushed me to the edge because all my friends were dead. Very very very brillian app i must say. I am not a killer but this app pushed me to be one. I hope this legendary app and the developer of this app gets a big ass diamond medal and some awards. I can't belive and i can't express in words how this app has changed my life. I am very thankful that i exist because of this app. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Brilliant

If this has anything to do with the sound for my text messages, it glitches a lot. I get the visual notifications but don't get a chime for all the messages that come through. Works perfectly

Its pretty good. If a word is miidpeled a few time it will often offer you the misspelled word instead of one correct spelling... If you can woork on that... that would help tremendously... THANKS AGAIN BRO Works great

After I installed this app my boss gave me a $50,000 payrise and advised me I only need to work 2 days a week instead of 5 and my big fella grew another 4 inches and Swedish blonde twins knocked on my front asking for a 3some. App is just amazing how I lived without it is beyond me and I won lotto that very weekend. Samsung push app is life changing. Samsung need one for the iPhone Well done!!

It does exactly what it say. It pushes. It's pushed my phone memory to the limit. It's pushed my patience. It's pushed my mind to try to figure out what it does. 11/10. Would download again, except I don't have to! It pushes itself onto my phone without asking. Amazing. Well done Samsung! Omg

I thought this app was worthless, until I updated. This app has singlehandedly changed my life. The latest PUSH UPDATE has allowed me to conquer what was unthinkable just a week ago. I have just set it to auto-update as I never want to miss or be delayed on a PUSH UPDATE. Thank you so much Samsung. My friend who is an IPhone user, may actually buy a Samsung just because of this latest PUSH UPDATE. Fabulous!

BE AFRAID!!!!!! BE VERY AFRAID!!!!! I was on a hiking trip and I discovered a phenomenal cliff about 150' drop with a majestic waterfall. There were numerous unicorns, friendly forest sprites to many to count, and a gathering of the wee folk and fairies unlike any before. As I gazed over the breathtaking precipice of the waterfall, trying to snap a selfie with the view, this damn Samsung app appeared like a malicious warlock and pushed me over the edge!!!!!! Thank the Makers that the Push app apparently pushed a magical cloud underneath me to stop my fall. Whew, I'm not sure it will always push something under me after pushing me to my death but thanks ALOT Samsung. I am now on a quest to slay a dragon , rescue the good witch, and have her perform the ancient spell of removal and useless app BLOCKING upon my phone. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US!! Well done!!

I installed this app today and I was shocked it speed up time and Christmas is going to be here tomorrow. I also use this app when I'm standing in a que on south Africa and a local is standing right behind me, i simply activate this app and it pushes the space invader 3 meters away out of my personal space and I am able to breath again. Could you create an app that removes greed and corruption at the push of a button?... you have enough money to invest so please make it happen. Worth a go!

The app pretends to be Elton John and Im the supple quire boy. Gritting its teeth it pushes all my poo right back up my colon pipe. My poo hole pipe love it

As i was walking in the woods my phone tingled near my jewels,i new it was time. I took out my trusty samsung and updated my push. Angels enveloped me with a singing quer in the background. I was now pushed in both ways,i was now a pusher. A brown bear with a pink bikini was strolling in the forest and yet he was not pushed. I took out my samsung and with my new push update i pushed it away. Now i lay sadened in the forrest cause the push experience went away Works perfectly

I was too close to the edge and scared of the fall but Samsung came through with the service and gave me a push. I fell into an abyss endlessly. Eventually I came to the realization that this push sent me falling into my own consciousness. I found myself and now I'm better than ever, thanks for the push service Samsung. <3 Perfect!

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